Meghalaya: Children Parliament a platform where special children can voice out their needs!

Meghalaya: Children Parliament a platform where special children can voice out their needs!

Children Parliament is not only an education process in its strict sense but also it is a children’s movement with deliberations, interventions and actions at neighbourhood level of 25 to 30 families. All the children between 6 to 18 years in these families are formed as a parliament irrespective of their caste, community, race, social and economical status or their educational or physical status. Every child in the particular neighbourhood is an equal member of the said Parliament.

After an initial training the children of each parliament elect their prime minister and other ministers like home, finance, education, health, medication, environment, law, child welfare, youth welfare, women welfare, elders care, communal harmony, prohibition, corruption concerns, peace building, communication, infrastructure, and public works and soon, as the need may be through the sociocratical election process or which is called a consent based and objectionless election process. All the members will be elected as ministers for various concerns and no member will be left without any responsibility. Each member is responsible for something some way or other. Each minister will have a specific role to play.

These parliaments will be networked by representation at village, panchayat, block, district, state and national levels. Children Parliaments are highly effective and more successful in their fullness only when organized at the neighbourhood level and not so in institutions like schools and hostels.

Levels of Children Parliament:

The Children’s Parliaments are federated and function at the following levels.

– Neighbourhood Parliament of Children

– Village (area) Parliament of Children

– Panchayat Parliament of Children

– Block Parliament of Children

– District Parliament of Children

– State Parliament of Children

– National Parliament of Children

– Regional Parliament of Children

– Global Parliament of Children

Today the children parliaments all over Meghalaya have come here and have elected their state level children parliament ministers who are sworn in by Honourable Labour Minister of Meghalaya, Ms. Ampareen Lyngdoh.

Through these process of participation and self- governance, children will be able to;

 Build basic human relationship

 Giving importance to human justice and forgiveness

 Giving importance to tolerance and acceptance

 Sharing and selfless mindset

 Eradication of illiteracy

 Eradication of school dropouts

 Eradication of child abuse

 Eradication of child labour

 Eradication of female infanticides and feticides

 Eradication of child marriages

 Eradication of child trafficking

 Eradication of terrorism and extremism

 Eradication of drug and alcohol production, pedaling and addiction

 Eradication of hunger and poverty

 Eradication of causes for physical and mental diseases

 Eradication of corruption and exploitation

 Eradication of any violation of any of their rights in total

 Building a new socio political order where even the last person has an assertive say

 Every one’s welfare, development, safety and security

 Every one’s fullness of life (life of joy, happiness, prosperity and peace) are ensured without any compromise.

Source: TNT News



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