Meghalaya: After looting Garo Hills’ people for years, extortionists finally ends up in jail

Meghalaya: After looting Garo Hills’ people for years, extortionists finally ends up in jail

TURA, Mar 19 2017: They have been out for far too long, they have been terrorising the region using fake identifies and looting people for many years, but their attempts to rob people was alas foiled when police got to them first before they could get to the people. 

An extortionist, who had been collecting money from businessmen from the South West Garo Hills (SWGH) district along with a spotter, who had been assisting him in his criminal activities were arrested yesterday by the police team of Ampati.

Based on inputs of extortion activities carried out through mobile phones, the SWGH police laid various raids to nab one Tengsrang Ch Momin (22). Another suspect, Mantu Ch Momin (35) was also taken into custody after the police raided the village of Jonangpara in Gonchudare in West Garo Hills, where the duo are residents of.

After the arrest and being brought to Ampati, Tengsrang admitted to demanding money from traders, mainly from Mahendraganj identifying himself to be the self styled area commander of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) using the alias Dikki and Jambu.

The suspected extortionist later identified a spotter, identified as Suhrab Miah (35). Miah hails from the village of Lukaichar and used to identify and collect telephone numbers of victims and pass them on to Tengsrang on the condition of getting a part of the looted money.

Based on the statement of the arrested Tengsrang along with evidences, the police team also apprehended Suhrab.

Interestingly the arrested Tengsrang also had another case pending against him under Tura PS in WGH. He had been out on bail in the aforementioned case but had gone back to crime once out of jail.

A case was later registered in Mahendraganj PS (Case# 17(03)17 US 384/34 under IPC) against both Tengsrang and Suhrab and the matter forwarded to Court. Mantu Ch Momin, the other person apprehended by the police was later let off on a bail bond after police found no complicity of Mantu in the case.

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