Meet Dr. Arjun K Adhikari, who established the first private veterinary clinic in Sikkim

Meet Dr. Arjun K Adhikari, who established the first private veterinary clinic in Sikkim

Dr Arjun K Adhikari, is a well known practising veterinarian based in Gangtok. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Paksam, a private veterinary clinic. He was conferred with the Udyog Samman Award (state award) for promising businessman in the occasion of state day on May 16, 2015, at Chintan Bhawan.

His venture Paksam Company works on the issues of animal health and treatment.


Dr Adhikari shares his story about his struggle and achievements with TNT-The Northeast Today.

TNT: How do you take the recognition given by the state government as a promising entrepreneur?

AA: I would like to express my deep gratitude towards the government for bestowing me with the state award. Well, I must say there is still a long way to go.

TNT: You are considered to be the first Veterinarian from Sikkim to receive the technical degree? Tell us more about it?

AA: I completed my Bachelor in Veterinary science and Animal Husbandry in 1997. It was completely new subject for the people of Sikkim. At a time when the students would prefer to go for MBBS I opted to learn Vet science. I also worked as a volunteer at government veterinary hospital in Gangtok for three months.

TNT: At a time when you would have easily landed in the government job you opted to start your own business? How did it happen?

AA: My interest in the animal science increased while I was giving a volunteer service in the hospital, I thought there was so much to tell people about the proper way of taking care of their pets. I rented a room and started my animal clinic investing Rs 5,000.

TNT: How do you see your journey as a Vet doctor?

AA: I must say there were people like the former chief Secretary KC Pradhan and his wife, Chaganlal Sarda, Jaishree Pradhan, ST Lachungpa who thoroughly encouraged me in my endeavour. It took so much of time for me to make people aware; I also faced mockery many times for choosing a non-lucrative business which had no scope.

TNT: Why did you not opted to move out of Sikkim?

AA: There is a lot of scope for veterinarian doctors especially in European countries, I would have happily landed doing service in abroad but I wanted to be here in Sikkim and wanted to contribute towards my state.

TNT: You are also engaged in giving poultry consultancy in Sikkim

AA: Paksam presently has five branches operating in Sikkim; we give consultancy to the farmers on rearing a poultry chicken. We are also the authorized consultant of Sikkim Khadi Board. We have also employed 30 local youths.

TNT: What is your future plan?

AA: I am establishing a state of the art animal hospital at 6th Mile; the hospital will also have a spa facility for the pets. This would be the first private clinic in the state.

TNT: Any messages?

AA: Business is all about patience and hard work, it may take time to earn profit but there should be the consistency in whatever you do.

(By Yougan Tamang for TNT- The Northeast Today)




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