Manipur Polls 2017: BJP came with a ‘Bang’, but will it be able to form the Government?

Manipur Polls 2017: BJP came with a ‘Bang’, but will it be able to form the Government?

 IMPHAL, March 11 2017: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to Northeast India with a Bang! First, they captured Assam, and then they are likely to form a collision government with allies NPP, NPF and another party be it LJP or an independent candidate.

The once mighty congress who ruled over Manipur for the past 15 years has finally met its opponent worth fighting.

It is interesting to note that history has been created for the BJP in Manipur this 2017 as this is the first time that the saffron party has been able to garner so much support from the local people of the state.

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The BJP didn’t just opened its account in the state assembly, it also made sure that this time, the congress will face a tough battle and will likely have to sit in the opposition with the saffron party emerging strong with the help its allies – NPP and NPF if the former decides to go for a post-poll alliance.

But unpredictable as it can be, congress might just come to power for the 4th term if it forge a post-post alliance with LJP, AITC and one Independent candidate because then BJP would be left with only NPP and NPF which secured 4 seats each and BJP with 21 seats—the total of which comes to 29 seats, then it is possible for the congress, which secured 28 seats, to form a government with the help of LJP, AITC and IND with each securing 1 seats, the total of which will come to 31. But one can never predict about the mindset of a political party.

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But what is worth mentioning here is the way the BJP came into the picture. In 2012, there was no sign of the lotus. In 2012 assembly elections, the INC secured majority seats of 39 while AITC grabbed 6 seats; LGP and NCP secured 1 seat each, MSCP and NPF each with 4 seats.

Now the question is: Will LJP, AITC and IND join the congress to form a collision government in Manipur or will they associate themselves with the BJP, NPF and NPP? Or are we looking at a hung assembly with neither a single party attaining the majority?

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What will be the fate of Manipur? Only time and diplomatic thinking amongst the parties can tell.

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