Manipur: Himanta says Rahul will be unable to find Manipur on India’s map!

Manipur: Himanta says Rahul will be unable to find Manipur on India’s map!

Imphal, March 17: As the Saffron party’s magic wand colours Manipur in its own colour, Assam BJP minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has said that they are confident of winning 19 seats out of 24 from the northeast in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Reacting sharply to allegations by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi that BJP undermined democracy by using money power to form its government in Manipur, Sarma said, “We got 30 or 31 seats not by luring people by offering them money. National People’s Party (NPP) is a part of NEDA and so is the Naga People’s Front. LJP led by Ram Vilas Paswan is already a part of the Union government. We got Manipur only by uniting friends. Rahul Gandhi has no political knowledge. His comments are based on the lines and statements fed to him by others. He doesn’t even know where Manipur is on the map of India.”

After its victory in Manipur, BJP is in a situation where anything and everything seemed possible for the party. Talking about the BJP’s impressive show in Manipur, Sarma said, “This is the one state where BJP had no representation in the Assembly. From having no seat to winning 21 and then going on to form the government is a big achievement. This shows the faith and trust people of the northeast have in PM Modi.”

Sarma also added, “Congress needs to get away from the high command culture and build regional satraps. The word Gandhi has become irrelevant for young India. People want to come out of a feudal mindset. People of India in the 21st century do not espouse family rule.”

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