Manipur BJP office attack: A self conspired one or a Congress agenda?

Manipur BJP office attack: A self conspired one or a Congress agenda?

Manipur, March 1: As Manipur welcomed the eagerly awaited month, a month that would decide the political fate of the state as elections are due in just 2 days, a breaking political ruckus has rocked the state after photos and video of BJP Manipur office being attacked by some ‘so-called’ goons emerged on the Facebook page of BJP Manipur.

It may be mentioned that the state has been at the centre of political attraction of iconic political leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi from BJP as well as Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah who have been aggressively campaigning in the state prior to elections which is scheduled to take place on March 4 and 8 as per the pre-planned schedule.

Also, this comes at a time when the recent reports of BJP candidate from Manipur, Woba Joram bragging about distributing Rs. 5 crore to lure voters to buy votes for BJP emerged last week. Again, as the BJP-Congress tussle continues whereby one leader accuses another and promises to fulfill some unfulfilled demands. Amidst all this ruckus stands Irom Sharmila’s PRJA  who with their firm stand against corruption are blowing the whistle against corruption in Manipur. It will be interesting to note the outcome of Manipur Election 2017 where on one side stands BJP and Congress while on the other is PRJA and their fight against Corruption.

-Shweta Raj Kanwar

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