Manipur: 9 minor boys allegedly rescued from Kolkata airport

Manipur: 9 minor boys allegedly rescued from Kolkata airport

IMPHAL: The Child Welfare Committee has confirmed the detention of 9 minor boys at the Kolkata airport on July 13. Recently, 21 minor boys were detained at the Imphal airport on the suspicion of child trafficking. These were two separate incidences.

The boys who are in the care of CWC Kolkata were reported to be part of the same delegation but had departed in advance to Kolkata ahead of the 21 boys deplaned at Tulihal Airport.

Meanwhile, the Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MCPCR) is awaiting adequate documentations and approval from CWCs of the respective places about the authenticity of the institutes they are heading to, only after which the 21 minor boys will be allowed to leave the state.

The 21 boys who were deplaned at Imphal caused the MCPCR to clarify that the rescue operation was carried out with the solemn objective to check and prevent child trafficking, since Manipur has been subject to many child and human trafficking cases. However a large number of children and girls have remained untraceable, hence exact figure of already trafficked children remains unknown, it said. Although the estimated number is 500 children in the last 7 years.

(TNT News with input from internet sources)

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