Manipur: 21 children not allowed to board flight in a case of suspected child trafficking

IMPHAL: 21 minor boys were deplaned from a flight which was bound for Kolkata from the Tulihal Airport. The boys were travelling without any guardians or parents and alarms were raised when one of the boys refused to get on the flight and threw a tantrum.The commotion made by the minor boy attracted a lot of attention as he burst into tears and refused to board the plane.

On suspicion that it could be a case of child-trafficking the CISF team reportedly contacted Child Line Manipur, Wangkhei, whose officials along with personnel of Singjamei police came to children’s rescue. The detention of the children initially angered the guardians and some religious leaders, who construed it as an act of discrimination, particularly targeting the minority groups.

They allege that boys from the same group who were wearing formal or civil cloths were allowed to board the flight while the 21 who were attired in traditional Islamic clothing were detained.The minor boys were later handed over to the custody of their respective guardians.

It should be noted that the 21 boys from different madrasas across the state were going to pursue their studies in Jamia Islamia Isha’atul Uloom, in Nandurbar district, Maharastra and Dorul Ulom Arabiyan Islamiyan, in Baruch, Gujarat.

(source: internet)

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