DID YOU KNOW: ‘Zero’ might have originated in Northeast India!

DID YOU KNOW: ‘Zero’ might have originated in Northeast India!

Golaghat : The knowledge around Zero had accorded a unique distinction to India in its immense application on Astronomy and Mathematics. But, according to a latest finding, the place of birth of Zero could be Northeast India’s Assam. A piece of half broken stone inscription measuring 15x 9 centimetre had led to the revelation. This stone was discovered in the Tengrajan village of Golaghat district and collected by the Archaeological Society of Assam . It was stored for years in a corner of the Jorhat district museum without any distinction and public attention has now set the national imagination towards discovering  the invention and origin of Zero. Zero and its origin has till date been credited to the major Mathematician- Astronomer Aryabhatta who lived around 500 A.D. But, this stone is believed to be 2,300 years old epigraphical noting and the ingenuity of the stone may help to establish with the help of modern dating techniques, then Assam will be in the global centrestage.

This movement was made possible because of the group “ZerOrigIndia Foundation” which restricts its scope to India and has set itself the task of answering the question as to when and where the zero digit first appeared. It also sets itself the task to determine the possible cultural and living conditions of the  individual who made this discovery and contribution.

Wahid Saleh, citizen of Netherlands and originally from Jorhat, is involved in the research project to find the origin of Zero. The project initiated by one of his Dutch friends was aimed at realizing and bringing like-minded persons from different parts of the world. Earlier, we knew only about such a slab to be in Assam but now we the location which will help us to take up the matter with the Government of India which has acknowledged the project and we hope to get support in the future.”


The Dutch based nonprofit ZerOIndia Foundation has already set itself this task and has launched the pilot project Camp Zero 2016 in New Delhi in association with acknowledged authority on ancient Indian mathematics and astronomy, Professor K Ramasubramaniam of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai. In pursuit of its mission, the Foundation is preparing to sponsor research and discovery and awareness at multiple levels, includes establishing four fully paid Ph D students at key eminent universities of the world. The first Camp Zero 2016 in New Delhi is to be followed in early 2017 by a Camp Zero at IIT Mumbai which will generate and prepare the research focus areas.

One of Holland’s most respected Indologist Emeritus Professor Johannes Bronkhorst of the University of Lausanne said, “If research sponsored by ZerOIndia Foundation sheds light on this last question, Indologists and historians of mathematics will be grateful. Understanding how and why the great inventions were made that made modern science and technology possible, concerns all mankind. And the invention of zero certainly ranks among the greatest.”

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