Itanagar’s giant band Alien Gods returns

Itanagar’s giant band Alien Gods returns

They’re back from a two year hiatus, to push the limits of blackened death metal, hailing from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, Northeastern state of India. They are the very first band from the state to have released a metal/rock album and they will again take the platform by storm.

This is none other than Alien Gods; formed in the year 2005 on a “blackest winter night” and since their formation, they’ve released an EP titled ‘Lunar blackened death’ in the year 2011. You can check the album out if you haven’t heard of them before on ReverbNation or Indian Bands Hub: Alien Gods.


Their influences varies from death to black to blackened death metal, but it’s difficult to categorized them into a specific genre as maintaining a particular style of metal music is not a piece of cake due to the variety of influences but they embark on playing what they’re passionate about, indifferent towards people’s opinion, with their fans supporting them every step of the way.

They’re not pursuing or trying to gain success with this musical genre as it’s for the passion of playing metal which motivates them the most, and not for money. They’re giving platforms for other upcoming younger bands and musicians as well, by organizing Rock shows in the town of Pasighat, namely the Hurricane Night and Siang rock contest. This is true musicianship. And they’re back to lay a foundation which was missed in the hearts of metal fanatics in Itanagar and the Northeast regions as well as for the whole nation.

“Yes the band is active and we have done a show last September too. Currently we are working on our new single.” Tana Doni, the guitarist of the band commented in regard of this newly found news of a reunion.

“We’re music lovers, we’re not doing this for fame or money, we’re doing this for the pleasure of playing good music, the band came along again because we wanted to create music, we’re not planning on playing much gigs as for now either, we’re just making music.” Said Olik, the band’s front man.

As for now, keep them ears and eyes open for the upcoming updates from the band via Facebook which will be released soon. A much anticipated head banging episode under making, Thank You Alien Gods!!!!!!! Respect and appreciation towards the band’s dedication and the passion on their path they chose and they live up to every expectation.

Alien Gods ARE BACK!!!!!

By: Meban Aibor Nengnong

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