In conversation with Mini Heart Attack, a punk band from Mizoram

In conversation with Mini Heart Attack, a punk band from Mizoram

Dedication and intense love towards punk rock led these young musicians to form Mini Heart Attack. The band hails from the alluring city Aizawl. Mini Heart Attack comprises of Matlana – vocalist/guitarist, Nunpuia -bassist/vocalist and Rema – drummer.

They were once a four piece punk band but after the departure of the initial vocalist, they decided to remain as a three piece band. They released their first EP titled Anxiety in the year 2014. The EP included 7 songs and all the songs mainoy talks about love and relationships.

Here is Mini Heart Attack with The Northeast Today – TNT

TNT. Greetings! Share with us a brief history on your band and what was the reason behind choosing Mini Heart Attack as a band name?
MHA: Our band was conceived in August 2012 with the main aim of having fun and letting loose with a group of friends. Right after forming our band, we were invited to perform in a gig organised by our friends from the band Kroashia (Aizawl). That turned out to be our very first gig as MHA which was composed of 4 members. June 2013 was the first time that we performed as a 3 piece band as our vocalist was not available. The vocal duties were taken up by the guitarist and the bassist. Till today we have remained 3 piece band.

Before forming our band we tossed around a lot of band names like The last dance, Future hearts but then just before one of our gigs, we came across a particular meme in which That Mini Heart Attack was conspicuously written. That name struck a chord in our hearts and it turn out to be the band name to which all the members happened to agree on.

TNT. Who have influemced you the most to form a band? 
MHA: Blink-182, Arctic Monkeys, Greenday, We are scientists etc.

TNT. Who writes the songs for the band? What theme are you trying to portray while writing a song? 
MHA: All our songs are written by all the band members as a group. The lyrics of our songs do not have much meaning as such. They are mainly about relationships, life, and having fun.

TNT. How do you promote your band and shows?
MHA: Basically, we promote ourselves. Since our genre of music is not for the general masses, it is quite difficult to get sponsorship and promotion in our city. So, we mainly used social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp.

TNT. What do you think about online music downloads?
MHA: That depends. We feel that as an upcoming band downloading music online can be a great exposure. On the other hand downloading pirated music online by established bands is not acceptable to us.

TNT. What’s your outlook on the record industry today?
MHA: The recording industry today is saturated with pop music and dance music. The recording industry needs an overhaul in promoting ‘left of the centre’ musical acts.
TNT. What advice would you give to fellow bands?
MHA: Don’t give up, have fun making music, be passionate and true to yourselves.

TNT. What would you say is the biggest obstacles for bands?
MHA: Promotion and exposure

TNT. Any upcoming shows or a new EP?
MHA: Right now we are in the process of finalizing our second EP which will be tentatively titled Let’s get higher. The EP will contain 7 songs, many of which are influenced by classic punk acts. After the released of our EP, we are looking forward to having a show by the end of the year.

TNT. Thank you Mini Heart Attack
MHA: Thank you TNT!

Punk will always be around, it comes in waves. There will always be bands who make music to make a stand and a band like Mini Heart Attack has proven that. But due to lack of listeners and audience Punk Rock is having a hard time. There still hundreds of unheard punk rock out there, continuing the genre. Punk doesn’t always mean that  a band needs to be rebellious and hate everything and everyone. Of course it will never be like it was in the 70s and early 80s, but all that doesn’t mean it’s dead.

(TNT Desk)
Check out their official video here:



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