Meet the 1st Miss World India from Northeast, Priyadarshini Chatterjee from Assam!

Meet the 1st Miss World India from Northeast, Priyadarshini Chatterjee from Assam!

Priyadarshini Chatterjee is an Indian model of Bengali origin from the state of Assam. She is the first ever winner of Femina Miss India and this first to represent India at Miss World from a northeast Indian state.

1.How do you feel now that it has been a few months since your win? Has it settled down in your head that you are Miss India 2016?

Priyadarshini: Well as I go back and think about that day, it’s still like a dream to me. But yes, now I have a very big responsibility to represent India at a world platform so I definitely feel that it’s a very big achievement in life.

  1. How are you preparing for Miss World? Tell us a little about your ‘Beauty with A Purpose’ initiative?

Priyadarshini: I’m giving it my all to perform my best at Miss World. A lot of training going on and so many people are putting in their hard work so I want to live up to the expectations. My beauty with a purpose circles around the issue of child protection. I have always felt affectionate towards children and I believe that if I can bring about the smallest of positive change in someone’s life, it’s my biggest achievement.

  1. How was your experience in the fashion world before you participated in the pageant? What do you like more? Modelling or pageants?today?

Priyadarshini: I love the runway! Walking the ramp is something I am really passionate about. Well pageants in one hand and modelling in the other are two very different things so I can’t really compare. I’ve been modelling since quite sometime and Miss India is my first pageant and I’ve enjoyed both to the fullest.

  1. What do you think about young girls trying to emulate celebrities by going on diets and extreme work-outs? What, according to you, should rather be the aim of young girls today?

Priyadarshini: It’s not wrong to have a role model as long as it doesn’t affect anyone in a wrong way. I think everyone is becoming more and more diet conscious and all of us want a good body and that’s actually a good thing as long as it’s done correctly. But the most important thing for all should be not to forget who they are and be connected to their roots.

  1. Who is your idol and why?

Priyadarshini: In life, I admire my parents the most. Everything I am today is because of them and nobody could be a better set of role models. In the fashion industry, I love the Victoria’ Secret angels and one of my favourite is Taylor Hill.

  1. Tell us one thing about Assam and your hometown that makes it the best place in the world?

Priyadarshini: Assam is my birthplace and you always have a soft corner for the place you’re born and brought up in but what I like the most about Assam and North east as a whole is the scenic beauty. It’s so peaceful and green and I’m personally a nature lover so I enjoy admiring the beautiful landscapes

  1. What is your favourite Assamese song and who is your favorite singer?

Priyadarshini: When it comes to Assamese songs, I’ve grown up listening to Bhupen Hazarika as my parents enjoyed listening to it and his songs would still be my favourite. I really like Papon as a singer, his voice is amazing.

  1. What advice would you give to young girls who look up to you today?

Priyadarshini: My only advice to all the girls would be to discover who you really are and be able to represent your personality because that’s the only thing which makes you different from the others. It’s very important to be beautiful from the inside.

  1. What are your future plans? I am sure you are tired of answering if Bollywood is on the cards but do you plan on joining the industry right away?

Priyadarshini: I am a person who lives in the present but I do realise that it’s important to have a plan just so you’re secured. Haha yes, but I actually have different aspirations. I want to try my hand in film direction as it really fascinates me. I would love to become an Art Film Director.

  1. Last but not the least, all the very best for Miss World 2016. The entire country is rooting for you to win. Charm the world with your beauty, good luck!

Priyadarshini: Thank you so much. Will try my best and make you guys proud 🙂



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