In conversation with Feli Hauhnar, the singing sensation from Mizoram!

In conversation with Feli Hauhnar, the singing sensation from Mizoram!

” Music is to the Soul,what words are to the Mind “

A passionate singer-songwriter from Mizoram,this woman has broken barriers to start achieving her dreams. A single mother, a participant in The Stage2, meet Feli Hauhnar who believes in the ethic of “it’s never too late” has not left any stone unturned since then. In an exclusive interview with TNT-The Northeast Today , Feli speaks about her journey, plans and of course her recent mash-up video that has gone viral all over the internet.

TNT: Can you give us a brief description about yourself?

I’m a 28-year-old single mother to a 6-year-old boy, from a little town called Lunglei in Mizoram. I’d describe myself as an ambivert and a strong and positive woman.

TNT:How did your journey as a singer started?

Even though I used to scream my lungs out to Christina Agulera’s songs when I was young, wishing I’d be singing somewhere someday,I never really had the opportunity. It has only been around a year and a half that I’ve actually started. Took up a job as a KJ (Karaoke Jockey) in Mumbai in October 2015 which brought back my childhood dream and started working on myself.

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TNT:Being a songwriter, what kind of thoughts do come up in your mind? Do you portray that in all of your songs?

I usually try and recollect memories and put that out in a song. I have been through so much in life and that gives me a lot to write about. I can write about certain past events, a person that I’ve known, relationship that I had, loved ones I’ve lost or sometimes I can make up a whole new story. I try and put them out in a way people can relate too.

TNT:What type of genre do you follow?

I don’t think I want to stick to any particular genre. I love and appreciate music of any kind.

TNT:Who is your favourite singer and where do you derive inspiration from?

John Legend and Christina Aguilera are on top among so many of my favourites. These two are my vocal inspiration but the biggest inspiration in everything I do is of course, is my son.

TNT:Which song you have written is your favorite and why?

I think it’s impossible to pick one. I’ve written only a few songs for now since I’ve started writing only a few months ago and haven’t even put them out yet. The ones that reflect my life or relationship with people are pretty special to me.

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TNT:Recently your mash-up video with Ruth Fanai went viral all over the internet, how does it feel and how did the idea of the video came up?

It’s unbelievable, we didn’t expect the kind of response we got at all! We’re so thrilled and thankful!

Well it happened really fast, I had the idea of it for a while around the end of 2016 and finally had the time to sit and work on it during the last week of December. We put the songs together in like an hour because we wanted to get it done quick and put it out as soon as we could. Ruth hadn’t even heard some of those songs before, but she learned them really fast. Psycholab Studio mixed, mastered and put it out for us and two of our friends shot and edited the video.

TNT:Can u also give a brief description about your experiences on the show The Stage2?

Honestly I hated watching myself on TV and was so disappointed with my performances but it helped me realize what I needed to learn and believe and then started really working on myself. Now I keep talking about how much I’ve learned from the whole experience!! And so many people have told me that they hear and see the differences in me and my voice. All I can say it The Stage 2 was a indeed a blessing for me!

TNT:At present are you working on any music project and when are you planning to come up with an album of your own?

Yes, I am currently working on collaborations and a single as well. I’m not sure if I’ll work on an album soon but I hope I will be able to.


TNT:What are your future plans?

Well I’m not really sure yet, I just want to focus on my current projects right now and after I’m done I’ll have an idea of what’s next. The music will keep playing.

TNT:What is your take on the music scene of Northeast India?

I think we have a pretty great thing going on in Northeast compared to the rest of India. And the support we have for our own artists is unbelievably amazing which is the best thing about being a north eastern. I just say we keep this up and keep aiming for a much bigger audience, throughout the country and worldwide. We have the talents to do so.

TNT:Lastly, what message do you want to give to the upcoming singers from the region?

Let your love for music push you beyond the lines that are drawn, give your all, aim to make the impossible possible and believe!

Most importantly, it’s never too late.


By Natasha Dkhar

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