In conversation with experimental rock band The Kaos Konversion

In conversation with experimental rock band The Kaos Konversion

The Kaos Konversion is an experimental rock band from Karbi Anglong. The Kaos Konversion was formed in the year 2005 when some school mates decided to jam together and make music. They all have a different taste in music and initially they found it quiet difficult to adjust but eventually they were able to merged all the genre and thus the band was born. The band have been active playing shows all over town and thus emerged as runners up at the Karbi Youth Festival (no Tok-let version 2) rock competition. The band’s guitarist was awarded with the best rhythm guitarist award.
Here is The Kaos Konversion with The Northeast Today

TNT. Hello guys, when and how did The Kaos Konversion happen? What was the story behind the creation of your band?

TKK: Hi, we The Kaos Konversion from Diphu, Karbi Anglong comprises of four childhood friends. Initially we tried our best to make music while we were in high school. But all of us had a different taste in musical genre and jamming was really hectic and chaotic as none of us had any sort of formal training. We just wanted to have fun and ended up with some hilarious outcomes when we first started jamming. Eventually we worked on each other strength’s and tried creating music from all that noise. Thus from chaos to conversion, hence the moniker ‘The Kaos Konversion.’

TNT. How would you describe your sound? And what’s the reason behind choosing this genre?
TKK: We would like to say our music is an amalgamation of different genres.
TNT. Besides the band, what do you guys do as an individual?
TKK: Apart from the band, Sam is a Doctor working under National Health mission. Habe on guitars is a chemical engineering guy, he helps the local entrance examinee students in preparing for their engineering entrance exams. Bamon the bassist is an anthropologist, when not on academic work he helps running the local study and discussion group in preparing for competitive exams. Sarkiri the drummer is the entrepreneur of the group, probably the most versatile of us all.
TNT. How important do you think being commercial is for a band in today’s rock/metal scene? Is commercialism bad for a band? What’s your take on that?
TKK: Speaking on this topic for us is like treading dangerous waters on a rocky boat as an inexperienced sailor. But then again the band should be our mouth piece, so we as a band think that originality matters. We should not try too much to be the other guy because his type of music sells more. And at the same time the people producing/financing/promoting the band should let them make/play their own type of music.

To sum it up we still need to spread the music in some way or the other, but that doesn’t mean that one should expect a musician to play for free. Gone are the days when people were like “bhai play for us, forget the fees its Exposure u want.” People should remember the hours a musician grinds in jamming, buying kits, travel etc. So I guess if its commercialization, so be it. But a musician should always remember to respect and have fun with his craft and let others enjoy it too.

TNT. What’s your take on northeast current rock music scene?
TKK: From buying magazines, Cd’s (back in the 90’s YouTube was not there) to attending concerts and even organizing some, we would say that yeah it has grown a lot but wish it has grown more in a much faster rate. We have performed at the prestigious Hornbill rock competition (Nagaland), Ziro festival of music (Arunachal) to name a few. But what we want is more events showcasing upcoming bands. And also people/organizer supporting and promoting the band after the show too. Because most of the time its one few odd concerts with promises of further work and promotion. But after the show we hardly see any further progress. Then again lots of musician have taken the mantle themselves and social media is playing its part.

TNT. So how profoundly do you guys jam?
TKK: To be honest it’s difficult to jam on a regular basis but we always try to get together to jam in the weekend. We know it’s never enough so even if we aren’t jamming we are always sharing ideas whenever we can.

TNT. We wish you good luck for your upcoming projects.
TKK: Thanks a lot for the opportunity
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