In conversation with Christian progressive metal band – Grace Within Trinity

In conversation with Christian progressive metal band – Grace Within Trinity

Grace Within Trinity is a Christian progressive metal core band from Tura, Meghalaya. They aim at verbalising the love, peace and harmony in order to create an alluring musical world with a new sound which could touch everyone’s heart. The band got a good response after releasing their debut single The Day I fall in the year 2014.

Here is Grace Within Trinity with The Northeast Today

 TNT. Hello guys, when and how did GWT started? What was the story behind the creation of your band?

GWT:  Grace Within Trinity is a Christian progressive Metal core band from Tura, West Garo Hills Meghalaya. The band was formed as a project band Recital Endurance on June 2013 which was later changed to Grace Within Trinity.

GWT was founded by ex. vocalist Paul Rongrik Sangma and ex. guitarist Agasa Chegam Sangma and later joined by Chekam on bass, Achugra on drums and Hardy on guitars. After several gigs, the band released its very first single The day I Fall on July 27 2014. However, several weeks later, Hardy left the band citing personal problems. Hardy was replaced by Amsrang Sakagami on guitar and Agasa Chegam was replaced by Edward Ariev on guitar.

Rongrik Sangma left the band was replaced by guitarist Hardy Sangma on January 2016.

The band were first runners up at Hallal Praise 2014. Our drummer and bassist were named as best drummer and bassist, respectively. We were also winners at Battle Rock 7, 2015 with best drummer and guitarist, as well as winners at Bodo Rock Clash 2016 with best drummer, guitarist and bassist.

The band currently consists of 5 members with Hardy Sangma on vocals, Amsrang Marak on guitar, Edward Sangma on guitar, Chekam Sangma on bass and Achugra Sangma on drums.

TNT. How would you describe your sound? And what’s the reason behind choosing this genre?

GWT: We would like to describe our sound as progressive metal-core genre which is a broad fusion genre of extreme metal and hard-core-punk. Thus choosing this genre, we work with liberal use of breakdowns, poly-rhythms and different kinds of variations in the music and the lyrical themes range from the political to the personal.

We have been influenced by various artists/bands like August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Shapist, Veil of Maya, Intervals, Vildhjarta and other similarities. We chose to imbibe those techniques from these bands , that’s why we choose to work with this genre.

 TNT. What’s your take on northeast current rock music scene?

GWT: We can say that NE current rock music scene is developing in a rapid phase from time to time. It is in progress and different genres have been adapted by various bands that lead to change in NE rock music scene.

TNT. Besides the band, what do you guys do as an individual?

GWT: We are just higher-secondary students. No one is still working yet.

TNT: Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?

GWT: No, we do not have any record label just yet.

TNT. So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

GWT: We jam occasionally due to our studies and sometimes at weekends.

TNT: Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

GWT: Recently we performed at Bodo Rock Clash 2016 Barpetta, Battle Rock 7, 2015 Tura, as a guest band at Christian Metal Salvation concert called Break the Chains 2015 in Shillong.

Going back to our old performance, we have performed at Battle of the bands 2013 and Hallal Praise 2014 Tura. After doing some gigs we can say that Barptta and Shillong is our favourite venues and Guwahati as least favourite. We are going to perform at Sea Rock elimination round 2016.

TNT. Do you guys have any specific ideologies as a band? If yes, how do you manage to make it a part of the music?

GWT: Yes, we have a specific ideology. We belief that through our music and lyrics, we can spread the word of Christ and about His Second coming.

TNT. We wish you good luck for your upcoming projects.

GWT: Thank you.

Listen to their Single The Day I fall here:


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