In conversation with American brutal death metal band Skinned

In conversation with American brutal death metal band Skinned

Skinned is a brutal death metal band from Colorado, USA formed in the year 1995. The band has released four full length albums since their inception in 1995. They are one of the most intense and aggressive brutal death metal bands out there today.

The band consists of Travis Weickum – guitar/vocals, Matt Akerman -guitar/vocals and Mike Poggione – bass, John Meyer – vocals and Jonathan Valdez – drums.

Here is Skinned’s interview with Mebanaibor Nengnong from TNT – The Northeast Today

TNT. Greetings! Hope everyone’s good at Skinned’s camp. It’s good to have you here. So, you’ll be touring Asia for the first time in the coming month, what’s your first perception about the metal scene on this side of this world?

SKINNED: Greetings to you too! Well, we’ve heard many great things from the metal scene in Asia, so we are excited to see what it’s like actually being there!

TNT.  How did all of this really come into place?

SKINNED: We wanted to book a tour in Asia with our good friends Carnivore Diprosopus from Colombia, and started to put the ball into motion. However, Carnivore guys could not make the trip with us so we decided to go anyway, and now here we are, about to be there very soon!

TNT.  How many bands are going to be a part of this Asia tour 2016?

SKINNED: It is just us as the touring act with much support from local bands and some bands like Eternal Rest from Australia. It’s going to be great to see all the local talent there!

TNT.  Why did you decide to perform in Shillong of all places in India? I hope you don’t mind answering the question

SKINNED: We wanted to play in India as it is right on the way from Nepal to Thailand, and it just came about and forces were joined together to make it happen. Amazing!

TNT. What have you heard about the Shillong metal scene? Are you familiar with bands from this part of the world?

SKINNED: Don’t know much of the scene in Shillong, actually most things we heard were good things about the scene there though.

TNT. The scene is strong, however if you have read my article Shillong music scene officially dead, understandable that you’re an international band who is going to perform here for the first time and it is really bad for you to have read it but that is the reality here, what’s your thought on it and what is needed for a scene to really exist?

SKINNED: Well for a scene to exist, it needs good variety in music and lots of it, so we hope everyone comes out and enjoys the show with us! It’s not every day we passed through Shillong with our guitars in hand! haha

TNT.  Back in 2012, if I’m not mistaken Dawn of Demise performed in Shillong. They were really impressed by the energy of the crowd giving their all in the pit, are your expectations high?

SKINNED: No expectations really… just excited to see it once we are there and be a part of it.

TNT. What’s your message to all the metalheads in Asia?

SKINNED: Keep doing what you’re doing, people talk about the metal scene in Asia because you are great fans and supports of your metal scenes! We want to meet you all and get down to some Colorado brutal death metal!

TNT. A glimpse on your set list for Shillong?

SKINNED: Lets just say you will hear songs from our most recent albums, as well as some old hidden gems from albums dating back to 1998.

TNT.  Our readers are keen to know some interesting facts about Skinned band members, would you kindly share?

SKINNED: Well, we are all aliens, been here for over 200 years, when we fart we blow bubbles, our urine is the color blue and our breath smells like apples… other than that we are just normal people like anyone else in the world.. haha

TNT. Over the years we’ve been fortunate to have witnessed bands such as Scorpions, White Lion, Sepultura, Dying Fetus, Megadeth performed live in our hometown. We are fortunate again, till then, stay safe and I hope you will have an amazing time performing here. Thank you

SKINNED: Cheers! Thank you for your time and we look forward to the show there! Lets Grind!


I would like to thank Travis and the band for sparing their time talking to me even with their busy schedules. We wish the band a safe journey and an amazing tour ahead. I am glad that I am the first Asian music journalist to interview them ahead of the tour. Skinned will perform in Shillong on the 20th of July 2016. Do come out in numbers and show your support!

(By Mebanaibor Nengnong)

Image Courtesy: Skinned’s Facebook page




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