Imphal all-female-band Maniac releases new single

Imphal all-female-band Maniac releases new single

If you are a Rock N’ Roll fan then you are at the right locale. This all-girl Rock band from Imphal has released their debut single and hitting it hard on the ears of the listeners.

Maniac is an all-girl band from Imphal formed in May 2013. The band is heavily influenced by Rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nightwish, Nirvana etc. Maniac was initially formed as a five member band but two of their members (Kelly and Deepika) left the band.

The band members also proudly feel that their existence as an all-girls band in a patriarchal society is nothing but a message of women empowerment.

Maniac’s current line up include:

Roxy  on Vocal /Guitar

Nancy  on Bass

Anjali  on lead guitar

Goldie on Drums


Link to their song:

(TNT News)



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