How immune is Northeast India to ‘Ransomware attack’? Here is how safe we are!

How immune is Northeast India to ‘Ransomware attack’? Here is how safe we are!

SHILLONG,May18, 2017: While reports of the global wanna cry ransomware breaching the Indian computer system have been reported in parts of the country, the North East region banking sector has so far remained elusive to the cyber attack with none of the major banks, or the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), reporting anything amiss in the financial system.

“No case of the ransomware attack has been reported in the North East,” said Deputy General Manager State Bank of India Zonal office, Rajeev Arora.

The Wanna Cry ransomware attack has hit about 150 countries globally, including Russia and the US. In India, five or six isolated instances have been reported in states like Gujrat, Kerala, West Bengal and in one of the richest Hindu shrines in Andhra Pradesh. The attack was made possible by a flaw in Microsoft’s Windows software that the NSA used to build a hacking tool for its own use – only to have that tool and others end up in the hands of a mysterious group called the Shadow Brokers, which then published them online.

Pune-based cyber security firm Quick Heal Technologies detected over 48,000 attempts across the country. According to QH Technologies the attack is not focused towards any particular industry but it is widely spread across industries especially those organisations which are online and connected

On their preparedness to deal with the cyber threat, the Deputy General Manager said that SBI is pro-active and protecting their system.

“We are prepared and it is ongoing as cyber security is ongoing in nature. Wherever, necessary preventive measures like loading patches are done. It is 24×7,” said Arora.

According to reports, there are 2.2 lakh ATMs in the country. Over 60 per cent of these ATMs run on Windows XP, an outdated version of Windows which has stopped receiving regular software patches from Microsoft.

Allaying fears of commoners that ATMs could be at high risk as most run on Windows XP, Arora said, “All of our ATM’s are functioning and enhanced precautions are taken”.

“Public have to be careful and not be swayed by posts on social media,” he added.

Arora cautioned the public to refrain from clicking on any unknown links in social media, website or any promising lotteries.

“We should be very careful while surfing the net regardless of the current malware hack and should never give out our personal data,” he cautioned.

The top five cities impacted by the WannaCry ransomware are Kolkata followed by Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Pune and Mumbai, while the top top five states with maximum detections are West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, NCR-Delhi and Odisha.

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