Guwahati death metal band Agnostic reunites

Guwahati death metal band Agnostic reunites

GUWAHATI: Yes, you heard it right. Agnostic, a death metal band from Guwahati is back with Sudem Swargiary on vocal duties. Sudem is known for his various stupendous work and was featured in many bands as a guest vocalist across the region. Agnostic have been in the scene since 2009. Influenced by legendary death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Carcass, Death, Cryptopsy,Katakylsm,Obituary, Agnostic have left a remarkable mark in the local scenario of Northeast India as well as in the entire corner of the country.

The band’s debut full-Length album Morbid Embracement was released on 14 February 2012 at The Undergrind Fest, Bangalore. Undergrind fest is considered to be the sickest underground and Death Metal /Grind core/Gore Grind Festival in India. The album was recorded at Lucid Recess Studios – Guwahati, and mastered by Siddarth Barooa, Morbid Embracement is an 8-track album covering different slants of Death Metal. The artwork for the album was designed by Cyber-Tree India.

The band is open for bookings now.
Listen to Agnostic here:



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