From Iran to Meghalaya: West Khasi Hills becomes 1st district in Northeast India to set up ‘Wall of Kindness’

From Iran to Meghalaya: West Khasi Hills becomes 1st district in Northeast India to set up ‘Wall of Kindness’

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love — Lao Tzu

NONGSTOIN, April 12: Believing in the power of giving, the citizens of West Khasi Hills in Meghalaya on Wednesday transformed thoughts into actions through a simple act of kindness.

When building walls can hold a different meaning rather than the usual phrase — distancing oneself from the problems of society. Because, here the walls is a connecting link, a wall that inspires societal growth, connection and a sense of love and brotherhood.



Taking inspiration from Iranians, the Officers’ Club of West Khasi Hills has come up with “Ka Kynroh Jong Ka Jinglehsbun” or “The Wall of Kindness”.

Not just in Iran, many such walls have sprung up in Pakistan, China even in India. It is there in the United States also, goes by the name “clothing bank”.

In Northeast India, the Wall of Kindness is a first of its kind initiative.



The idea is to facilitate the givers and takers. Many a time we have so many items at home we don’t need or don’t know how to dispose them off. Old clothes, toys, books, utensils, school uniforms, school bags, old furniture, footwear, blankets among others. Either we or the children have outgrown the clothes or we no longer require those items or we have one too many. However there are so many lesser fortunate or underprivileged brothers and sisters out there who would need those things.


It is an anonymous platform. Dignity of the receiver is maintained since they can pick up the items at any time even at night, so their identity is not known to anyone. Also a wise person says that charity is deeply personal. If what you give is seen by the whole world the sanctity of the charity is lost. Here nobody is going to maintain a stock register as to how many items have been deposited or how many have been taken. There is no supervision by anyone, no chowkidar, no CCTV. This is completely voluntary in nature. Some may even try to misuse it, but the wall of kindness believes in the inherent goodness of humanity.



Hooks, hangers, shelves, an overhead rod and a bench have been provided so that any type of items can be donated. To prevent items from getting wet in the rainy season, a roof has also been provided. Some pointers need to be kept in mind though. Please make sure the items are in a re-usable condition, the clothes should not be torn, the toys should not be asunder, the furniture should not be broken etc. The clothes should be preferably washed and ironed before donating. Imagine yourself using those things.



Through this initiative we also want to inculcate a sense of trusteeship in the society especially children. There is no greater joy than joy of giving and sharing. People helping out each other will necessarily result into redistribution of society’s wealth. We believe not just the towns and cities, every village should have this kind of wall.


In this holy season of Lent and Easter, let us spread love and compassion.

TNT News with excerpt from Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills, Arun Kembhavi (And inputs from DC Nongstoin FB Page) 



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