Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly receives death threat!

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has received death threat in a letter which reportedly reads, ”You will not go back alive, if you step in Midnapur.”

Sourav Ganguly, President of Cricket Association of Bengal, got the letter on January 5th and was scheduled to make a visit in the area on January 19.

Local sources in Midnapore told newsmen that one Z Alam wrote the letter addressing to Ganguly’s mother Nirupa warning the cricket stalwart against attending the programme where he has been invited as chief guest.

“Your son is hereby warned not to attend the programme. If he dares to come here, you will not see him again,” is what has been written in the letter.

Confirming this, Ganguly said: “Yes I’ve received the letter on January 7 and I’ve informed this to the police and the organisers.

Putting light on the issue, Sourav reportedly said, “I was supposed to travel to Midnapore for a district sports programme at the Bidyasagar University on January 19. I have been told not to travel there because of security reasons. I have intimated the whole incident to the police authorities. They are taking all the adequate steps.”

Ganguly revealed that he has already informed the district Superintendent of Police and the Kolkata Police commissioner about the life threat.

Source inputs: Agencies

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