Folktales of NE: The Lynx and the Thunder- The fight for Thunder’s light!

Folktales of NE: The Lynx and the Thunder- The fight for Thunder’s light!

This particular folklore is presumably lost to the present generation who are no longer aware of the old story of the conflict between the Lynx, U Kui, and Thunder, U Pyrthat.

In the Khasi folk tradition, animals speak to man, with man and sometimes like man. It could be said that the Khasis share an eco-theandric tradition with nature (and all in it) and his Creator.

The conflict between the Lynx and the Thunder is said to be an ever ongoing one which continues even today simply because Thunder stole something which was once the flashing white sword that the Lynx carries.


The lore dates back to the time when animals had a huge gathering and danced and celebrated. This was recorded to be the time when animals were not the ‘savages’ they are now. They communicted with each other and existed in a state of peaceful communion much like man.

The dance festival which the animals had was a replication of man’s (Khasi)  spring festival dance.  Some animals displayed huge pomp and grandeur as they displayed their beauty and grace before all present with their magnificent dances.

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The Lynx was also present there all clothed and adorned with a wonderful brown striped shiny coat.  He also carried with him a brilliant silver sword and flashed it as he dance and became the centre of focus. He was said to be brilliant and his sword’s brightness brings to shame the glow of the sun itself.

However, he got tired and rested and Thunder approached and requested him for the sword to which he denied parting from. It was the condemnation of others that made the Lynx to lend his sword to Thunder.


Thunder began his dance and discovered that the sword endowed him with more power that complimented his drum’s enormous power to shake the ground. The sword’s light simply added to his power and other animals scattered in fear of the tremendous sound and light.

Realising the power of the two, Thunder bolted up to the heaven’s far beyond the reach of the Lynx and that was how the latter lost his sword.

To this day, Thunder makes use of his drum and the Lynx’s sword to display his power on cold dark stormy nights metamorphised into elemental forces.

As for the Lynx, he vowed to reclaim that was unlawfully stolen from him.

It is said that even today the Lynx would always poop in the same place so that he could build a bridge that would reach high up to the heavens and he would reclaim his sword.

More folktales to follow soon…

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Auswyn Winter Japang


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