The First Bistro in Shillong: The Grub by Sam & BeeOliver

The First Bistro in Shillong: The Grub by Sam & BeeOliver

The year 2016 seems to offer a lot of new places to eat out in Shillong. With several eateries opening up, especially cafes. These new ventures creating opportunities for eating out experiences with different aspects to look out for at each cafe. Coffee being the common factor being served.


While several cafes opened with particular themes,’ The Grub’ is the first Bistro of its kind in the city. A cafe or Bistro is usually a place serving up inexpensive beverages and meals. However, a Bistro is more of a European-style café.

One look at the place and it would remind you of the New-York Bistros seen in pictures and movies. Walk-in and everything inside exuding the Bistro factor. From Teak furnishings, color choice, interesting wall art of painting and quotes, decor layout and wise use of minimal space, Books and Magazine choice to read from, menu boards, coffee machine on display, patisserie display and several other features.


An idea and outcome of a husband-wife venture. Mac Oliver Rynjah and his lovely wife Banrisha Lyndoh. Completing the Bistro are bakery items by Banrisha’s niece Naphisamanbha Mawroh resulting in the name of the Bistro as The Grub by Sam & BeeOliver. Sam standing for Samnbha bakery and BeeOliver a combination of the duo, Bee for Banrisha as she is commonly known and Oliver for Mac’s nickname. The duo being foodies wanted to start something minimalistic, serving up comfort food and learn along the way.

Over a certain period of time, the Bistro was set and finally opened on 20 July 2016. The place  serves up continental meals priced decently, ranging from the least being a Rs.90 Hot Dog (pure American hot dog) served with chicken sausage, mayo, potato wedges and a homemade dip to the maximum priced sausage and salami Pizza at Rs.190. The place also offers the best of Italian meals where their red sauce is not over the top spicy, just right and white sauce not being too milky. Then there are the burgers, Beef burger called Double whammy which is recommended by the cook as well as other customers who’ve tried it. Jalapeno cheese toast is also recommended which is a light bite, best enjoyed with a beverage of choice. Panini’s, pizzas, and desserts are other meals served in the menu which are also worth a try. Desserts on display serve up delectable patisseries for customers’ to try.


Mac often interacts with his customers to welcome them and have an insight to his cooking where he learned, that initially when they started, several customers were unhappy with the size of burgers and fries served for they felt were too small. Taking the feedback he increased the grams when preparing the buns which again is made by Naphisamanbha and realising the produce of potatoes not being apt for fries, they started serving potato wedges keeping their customers content. Mac still interacts with his customer which is often appreciated by most.

A recommended place to visit when in Shillong or otherwise. Also, to mention the obvious, the coffee being brewed here is one of the best the city can offer. All coffee lovers being very happy with the coffee from the ‘The Grub’, for they also give take away option in well packaged mugs comfortable for a take away. Similar is their food packaging as well, which is a microwave compatible package. Their packaging being very appealing to the eyes in terms of the design aspect. A small place cooking up a storm, however surprisingly fits in 20 people comfortably. If one does not find a space, take away being available where you can call before for orders. The only disadvantage to the place being an absence of a washroom. However, being located at the hub of Laitumkhrah (Below Mapuii salon), most customers don’t complain for there are nearby locations for the same.



The Grub by Sam & BeeOliver is just an apt Bistro to enjoy a quiet evening to oneself enjoying the coffee and meals it has to offer or with friends who all could enjoy the coffee, good meals, ambience and the friendly soul of the Bistro. The team working there being friendly people ensuring you have a good service and time while there.

Rating according to 5 people who’ve visited and frequented the place.

Food : 8/8/7/8/7
Ambience: 9/8/9/8.5/10
Service: 8/9/8/7/8
Location: 8/8/8/9/9

They can be reached at this number for orders. 070850 69008, or or for updates and details check their facebook page by the name The Grub by Sam and Beeoliver as well as their Instargam page as the_grub_by_sam_and_beeoliver.

– Nocy Rangsa Marak
(All Images sourced from The Grub by Sam and BeeOliver Facebook and Instagram page)



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