Anupamaa Dayal showcases Nagaland- King of Exotic

Anupamaa Dayal showcases Nagaland- King of Exotic

Amazon India fashion Week 2016 was held between March 16 – 20, 2016. The highlight was a fashion designer showcasing her work inspired by her trip to Nagaland.

Well-established designer Anupamaa Dayal on the third day of the event presented a line from her brand Anupamaa that had everyone mesmerized.

Known for exploring cultures in her clothes which got her the title of ‘cultural polyandrous’, Anupamaa traveled to the corner of the country and came away taking  rich and diverse facets of it to showcase the legend of exotic Nagas in her collection.
Always interested in exploring different cultures through her work, the exotic Nagas had been on her mind for a long time. When she finally lived the experience she termed Nagaland as the “king of exotic”.

She stayed in Kohima last December for a few days and spent time with imbibing the history, rituals and diverse heritage of art and craft. Given that one of her senior most merchandisers was from Nagaland helped.

Anupamaa focused on six tribes and particularly worked on the Chakhesang and their textile heritage.

“Ancient living of the best where their craft is unparallel. Weaving, ornamentation, embroidery, basketry and the stories and folklore associated with them left me mind-boggled”, she says.

In her collection, she used a graphic print dominantly that was from Ao tribe. Also featured was the elephant cloth from the Chakhesang tribe.

She also used the Naga signature elements like head dresses, jewelleries and feathers but translated them in a modern manner. There was dramatic yet modern and relevant accessories, which were the quintessential part of the collection. There were ankles, large sea shells head, waist bells, chokers, long earrings amid all the drama.

Listed above images are a few of her collection and we confirm that her work echoes  the fascinating land of Nagaland. The designer portrayed a sense of having touched something raw and timeless.
Anupamaa concludes that she is lucky to be around at a time when the essence of the tribes are authentic and non-commercialized because she felt that it would not be long, maybe few decades, before it may all be gone.

(by Nocy Rangsa Marak)



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