Exclusive interview with Imphal’s all female band “Maniac”

Exclusive interview with Imphal’s all female band “Maniac”

Maniac is an all female band hailing from Imphal, Manipur.  Formed in May 2013, the band dwells in Hard Rock/Rock ‘N’ Roll genre.

Members: Roxy (Vocal), Anjali (Lead guitar), Sapna (Rhythm guitar), Vinitha (Keyboard), Nancy (Bass guitar) and Goldie (Drum).

Influences: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nightwish, Nirvana.

Gigs played: Ougri festival at National Institute of Technology Complex at Takyelpat (Imphal), Road to Rampage Concert at Iboyaima Shanglen, River Bank Music Festival, Neil Zaza concert at Tribal research Institute(TRI) Chingmeirong, Man fete 2015, 25th Anniversary of Post Mark.


TNT: Brief us with band formation and yes why “Maniac”?

Maniac: Maniac is a hard rock/ rock and roll band formed on May 2013. This all female band comprises of six members- Roxy (Vocal), Anjali (Lead guitar), Sapna (Rhythm guitar), Vinitha (Keyboard), Nancy (Bass guitar) and Goldie(Drum).

On a discussion of certain stereotypes of giving the band a name, members of the time stumbled upon the word “ Melo Maniac” suggesting our fondness and madness in music while the discussion wind up naming just with the last word “Maniac”.

TNT: In recent times a lot of girl bands have come up and proved successful to some extent. However disregarding any form of humility and considering that Maniac is an all girl band, does this gain the band more popularity? Do you think being a girl band attracts more attention or is it just pure determination and hard work?

Maniac: As about the matter, inspite of the fact that ‘Maniac’ is an all-girl band, to adopt music as a career is hardly possible or perhaps impossible without hard work and determination. So, we agree with the latter.


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TNT: A lot of bands/artists idolize popular stars and somewhere they try to make something similar based on how much the star has inspired the artist/band. Having said that has Maniac ever tried to copy or work along the lines of its idols?

Maniac: Several female and male artists inspire each member individually, yet to mention, “The Runaways” is one that enlivens us. And we are working to develop our own style of music.

TNT: Tell us about the song writing process. What do you like to incorporate in your songs?

Maniac: As the subject matter of our lyrics differs, there is no such definite theme in content but yes it includes lyrics based on Life, Dreams, status of Women and ofcourse the universal theme, Love.

TNT: Any music videos coming in future?
Yes, we have been planning for it.

TNT: Music as a career in Northeast. Your say?
Maniac: Not much of a word for this but honestly, it would be difficult to take up music as a career in Northeast as concerned with the current situation especially of the western music.

TNT: Disregarding any form of humility do you envision yourselves getting better as musicians and as well as a person?
Maniac: Yes, for this question. Being a musician, moreover being in a band shaped us in many ways. As in term of music, we share our ideas, it enables us to bring accuracy in our respective activities and bring improvement in this realm. As a person, we are learning to be responsible, committed and cooperative being a team.

TNT: Maniac five years from now?
Maniac: “Maniac” as a band shall remain forever even though if the members might change as time does.

TNT: Any shoutouts, upcoming announcements?
Maniac: Shoutouts? Well, we are working for the making of EP.

TNT: What is the band’s other passion apart from music?
Maniac: The members of the band besides music inclined towards travelling and are fond of adventurous activities.

Interviewed by Denis Sangma



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