Exclusive interview with Antarix, a multifaceted Hindi Rock band

Exclusive interview with Antarix, a multifaceted Hindi Rock band

Antarix is a multifaceted Hindi Rock band from Diphu, formed in the year 2015. They are the one who got the magic for mesmerizing people with their flawless vocals and alluring music. They believe that music cannot be survived without love and care from the common people, so the band is trying their best to give a candid message in the form of music. Immense hard work showered by these people in the off late scene of music made them winners of many competitions. Patently these youngster are going to stand among the renowned bands of the region very soon.

Here is Antarix with The Northeast Today

TNT. Hello, tell us about the journey you’ve endured since your inception as  band up to this very moment. What was the reason behind choosing this genre?

ANTARIX: The journey began when we decided to appear on stage for the first time in Rongtheang Beat Contest 2015 in Diphu which is organized every year by the local youths. Then we performed in Diphu Open Air Concert on 10th Feb 2016 in Karbi People Hall, Taralangso. Soon the band got another gig to play in KuKu Wah on 19th Feb 2016 in Karbi People Hall, Taralangso. After that we never look back.

The band debut song called Maa was written and composed by Vivek, the song speaks about the realization of the sacrifice of a mother for her child which now a days people tends to forget. Antarix believes that a song should carry a value to one’s life.

TNT. How about introducing the band and the members to our readers?

ANTARIX: The band was formed in 2015 when Vivek Jha (Vocal) and Gili Nunisa on Drums and Jiroy Teron on Bass popped out the idea of forming a band, but the band was in a need of guitarist. After a week the band found one of the finest guitarist, Harmon Kro. Each member has different musical background and that’s where the strategy of the band lies, throwing ideas among each other and blending in to create a wonderful repertoire. The band is managed by Sarkiri Tisso
Another mate Songja Teron (Keyboard) came into the Band after the release of Maa. Now Antarix consist of five members.
TNT. Tell us something about your song writing process

ANTARIX: Regarding composition, Vivek Jha who is the sole composer for the band composes with no barrier irrespective of colour and caste and there are no such songs where his compositions despise one’s emotion. Vivek Jha composes songs when he plays a guitar or a keyboard and hymn to make a wonderful tone. Also he starts to wonder the ongoing situation where he makes a splendid conclusion which helps him in composing a song. Maa is one example for that.

If we talk about Maa, the story is quite interesting where a small boy is searching for his own mother who have passed away. The boy then recollects old memories, he feels lonely for the world is too big for him all alone without his mother. No matter how much he waits for her to return in countless days and nights, it was all in vain. So in this regards, Antarix want to give a message to those who lost the precious thing in the world that we shall learn to live and let live in such a way that we stand up on our own feet to pay a respect to our loving MOM.
TNT. Work wise, what do you guys do?

ANTARIX: Vivek is still a student of Diphu Govt. College pursuing his graduation. Harmon Kro has done Engg. .Jiroy Teron and Gili Nuninsa are on business venture.
TNT. What’s your take on the Northeast rock scene at the moment?

ANTARIX: We just want to reach to the people all around letting them know that we compose songs. As we believe music cannot be survived without the support of common people, so we are trying our best to give a candid message in the form of music. And we hope that in the coming days, our music will bring peace and harmony to the nation as well.

TNT. So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

ANTARIX: We do follow our jamming session quite often. We are now preparing for our next release. And we hope we will get it released soon by the end of June.

TNT. Thanks for being with us. We wish you good luck for your upcoming projects.

ANTARIX: Thank you TNT!


Listen to their debut single here: https://soundcloud.com/antarix-753683716/maa

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