"Top Wedding Planners" of Northeast India to look out for


By Ladiangti Rani | SHILLONG:

Everyone loves a good wedding where two people share their love with their family and close ones. But planning a wedding is time consuming, stressful and a continuous process of managing and solving all sorts of problems. It is even more difficult to know where to start.

Having a wedding planner has helped many couples fulfil their fairytale weddings.

TNT-The Northeast Today spoke to a few wedding planners of the Northeast to get their views on the emerging trend in the region.

Here are the stories shared by Lumenbride Wedding Planner from Assam, Salt Studio from Manipur, East End Events and Ask Rochelle from Meghalaya, Mafaka Bawihtlung from Mizoram, and ADL Wedding from Nagaland, with TNT.

Lumenbride Wedding Planner (Assam).

TNT: What was the most unique wedding you have ever planned?

Lumenbride Wedding Planner (Assam): It was at DB Lawns (Hatigoan Chariali) with a western theme and without tents and carpets.

Salt Studio (Manipur): In my experience, every wedding is unique. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the work was challenging. One of the unique incidents that happened in January 2020 was an assignment for a destination wedding on the hillside of Manipur. We have arranged for 2500 people seating and dining and had worked eight days before the wedding date and completed the whole decoration two days before the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, heavy rain and storm damaged the whole decoration on that night itself. That was one of the devastating scenes in front of me where I remained sleepless the whole night. I immediately called my staffs and hired a few people from the village to clear the mess and re-do the whole work. We were working continuously for two days including the whole night and thankfully, it came out much perfectly once again. I remember that one event as the most challenging experience in my career.

Salt Studio (Manipur).

East End Events (Meghalaya): Just as love sees no barriers, we see all our weddings as out of this world! We like to believe that our brand’s vision revolves around the definition of ‘unique’. Our latest traditional wedding gave us a platform to share the vast cultural creativity with detailed and intricate designs representing the beautiful integration of our culture with nature.

Creative weddings are our forte and with culture, lies no restrictions on how far one can go with a captivating look. It strongly brought out the pride, character, integrity in our brand which gave us strong roots to expand our passion.

East End Events (Meghalaya).

Ask Rochelle (Meghalaya): For me, the most unique wedding that I've ever planned was a travel-themed wedding which happened four to five years back. I planned the entire decor based on travel. Their wedding cake was a three-tier cake with different landmarks and places they would like to visit. The stage decoration had headlights of stations and lamposts and an Aquila bike was placed at the stage where the couple drove out of the hall. The family had requested the relatives and friends to give their blessings in cash to help the couple live their dreams to travel the world. Overall, it was beautifully executed.

Ask Rochelle (Meghalaya).

Mafaka Bawihtlung (Mizoram): Traditionally as a Mizo Christian, our wedding takes place at the church; therefore, it is a good idea not to do so much with it as it is a sacred place for us. So, to answer this question, I would say it was back in 2017, my team and I set out to Thara Resort for an outdoor wedding. The Bride works in Etihad Airways and wanted something out of the box. That wedding was probably one of the most unique weddings I have ever planned, going over our Mizo traditional style.

Mafaka Bawihtlung (Mizoram).

ADL Wedding (Nagaland): Years back, a bride requested that we should not use flowers for the decor. The concept was minimalist and elegant without a single bloom. Of course, we were taken aback. Because when we think of wedding decor, we automatically think of a romantic beautiful setting with flowers. The team put our head together and did the best we could by using little fairy lights, tulle, etc. Fortunately, the result was unique and beautiful. Local fruits and berries were foraged from the jungle and served to guests along with the wedding feast adding a local essence to the wedding. I should say that was a unique and special wedding for team ADL.

ADL Wedding (Nagaland).

TNT: What's your secret of remaining calm while under pressure?

Lumenbride Wedding Planner (Assam): Dwell upon the end results, no matter what!

Salt Studio (Manipur): I feel a wedding planner is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. If there are passion and dedication in the work we do, then we can handle every stressful situation with a calm demeanour. Because at the end of every assignment, the satisfaction of completing the task successfully gives me immense happiness. There will be an unanticipated problem in organising the big event but with a calm mind, we see a clear picture to solve every problem that comes our way with a more creative outlook.

Lumenbride Wedding Planner (Assam).

East End Events (Meghalaya): With every event, the key to calmness is making sure we’re well-prepared way in advance. Hence, our brand aims to design every detail with finesse, leaving no stone unturned.

Ask Rochelle (Meghalaya): For our kind of job, I don't think I can be calm until the job assigned to me has been completed. Most of the time, we have to work under short deadlines. I'm aggressive until I get the perfect look that I want and see the happiness in my client's face. Staying calm is only possible if the job is 95 per cent done or completely done.

Salt Studio (Manipur).

Mafaka Bawihtlung (Mizoram): As the saying goes -- "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life." This quote brings out my thoughts when it comes to what I do for a living. So, I should say, you don’t have any pressure at all if you love and enjoy what you do.

ADL Wedding (Nagaland): During the production of a wedding venue decor, there is a lot of pressure to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time. We have to deal with a lot of vendors, and sometimes things do not work out the way we imagined. Our patience gets tested to the limit but we manage to keep calm because we know and realise our responsibility to create someone’s special day which has been entrusted to us and thus, we cannot messed it up no matter what.

East End Events (Meghalaya).

TNT: How do you ensure a creative, bewitching look under budget? How would you handle an event going over budget?

Lumenbride Wedding Planner (Assam): I am a watercolour artist which adds tremendous confidence in colour and composition. We try to cut items down without degrading the quality what so ever.

Salt Studio (Manipur): I discuss with my clients and always try to give them the best result within their budget. Many times, I have to negotiate with my co-benders to minimise their charge if the expenditure is going out of the actual budget. There have been many events where the actual expenditure is more than the budget provided by my clients.

Ask Rochelle (Meghalaya).

East End Events (Meghalaya): We believe in delivering the best value for any investment as we serve to fulfil every patron’s needs, whether extravagant or intimate. We cater to our clientele’s specific needs and customise the décor elements according to their liking. Hence, we keep an open channel of communication with our clients and ensure that everything is undertaken, following what is decided upon.

Ask Rochelle (Meghalaya): Well for me, every event is important and since I cater to all types of budget, no matter what the amount is, I try my level best to give it a classy and elegant look which is why I keep getting a lot of blessings. People are happy with what I do for them. There's no harm in making any moment special for my clients even if I have to put in a little bit from my side.

Mafaka Bawihtlung (Mizoram).

Mafaka Bawihtlung (Mizoram): When it comes to ‘under budget’, I always plan beforehand. I always have my vision of what can be done. I want to make sure everything fits within the clients' budget. What I’d do is have a conversation with my client and explain to them that some of the items or decor styles should be omitted or rearrange to fit their budget after giving them the first proposal. For that, I think the most important element between me and my client is communication and mutual decision.

ADL Wedding (Nagaland): Costly flowers or accessories don’t need to make the decor look more gorgeous. Locally sourced flowers, materials, etc. combined with the right colour palette can look fabulous too.

Discussion with the client regarding budgeting is done before the actual execution, expenses will cross the discussed budget sometimes, especially when there is additional demand from the client. The client is informed about it and if they are fine with it then we go ahead, that’s how the extra expense is handled.

ADL Wedding (Nagaland).

TNT: What makes an event successful and how do you measure that success?

Lumenbride Wedding Planner (Assam): It's the CLIENTS we work for; so when they are happy, we call that event a success.

Salt Studio (Manipur): Co-ordination with my client about their preferences and choices is important in making an event successful. Most importantly, if my clients are satisfied, then I measure it as a successful event.

East End Events (Meghalaya): It’s the bridge of trust created with our clients through our work that makes the event successful. We aspire to understand our patron’s visions, enabling them to completely relax in the final run-up to the big day. The bridge of trust where we can connect with them at the level of energetic passion and original creativity and as young ambitious women, to make more individuals have that confidence in young entrepreneurs in chasing one’s dream or passion is the best sign of success! “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world,” and that, to us is a success.

Salt Studio (Manipur).

Ask Rochelle (Meghalaya): I would say the right planning and execution of my work and my team make an event a success. The look on my clients' face and their expressions say a million words to me. I try and give a WOW moment to them. Where I am today and the growth I'm taking every day with my life, that itself says a lot.

Mafaka Bawihtlung (Mizoram): I’d like to answer this point by point.

1) Listening to my clients' ideas and imagination.

2) Making sure I could make that happen as close to the requirement.

3) Be punctual and available for my clients from start to finish.

As for the second question, it is as simple as ‘My clients' happiness is my success’

ADL Wedding (Nagaland): Hard work, homework before the execution of work, understanding the clients' needs and taking up every project with dedication makes the event successful. Clients' satisfaction is how we measure success.

East End Events (Meghalaya).