Assam: Joker’s Whoop all set to release official music video


Joker's Whoop, a Pop-Rock/Synth Rock band from Guwahati/Delhi is all set to release their official music video Love. Immense hard work and dedication led them to be winners at many competitions across the region.

The band like to experiment with various music but at the same time very much concerned about the melody as well.

"You see, the video shows a love story as the name of the song says, which Love is. And it shows how we judge people a little too easily. We had a really good time shooting it, filled with tension and excitement. "Joker's Whoop Added.

Joker's Whoop consists of:

Susanta Nath [Vocals/synthesizer]
Kunal Bhattacharya [Bass]
Bibhash Baishya [Guitar]
Dibyajyoti Bharali [Synthesizer]

Here's a teaser video:

(TNT Desk)
Video courtesy: Joker's Whoop