Dymbur and The Last Theory to perform at FURY 1.0, New Delhi

Dymbur and The Last Theory to perform at FURY 1.0, New Delhi

Yet again New Delhi will be giving a platform to metal freaks of the city to come together and enjoy some really adroit music from bands outside the station. Members of Eyes of the Martyr (Delhi) in collocation with Delhi based organizer coming together with the first edition of FURY.

The edition will feature 5 mesmerizing Metal bands. Namely: Dymbur, The Last Theory, Eyes of the Martyr, The Cosmic Truth, and Dreamscapade. The bands are very well known among the Indian Rock and Metal Scene and have left a mark in the scene in their respective music genre in several ventures.

About the bands:

Dymbur – The Shillong based band Dymbur has definitely taken the hard road to be one of the best well known Metal acts from Shillong. They are an experimental metal band. Following years of hard work, the band emerged in February 2012 and since the there was no turning back. They are one of the bands that mixes elements of progressive and experimental metal together effectively, all while keeping the listener constantly interested with baited breath wondering just what is coming next.

The Last Theory – They are a groove metal band hailing from Guwahati. They are a five piece band doing what they do best and like most. They do what they do for fun and to keep metal alive with the little that they can contribute. They have performed in several major events, some being The Rolling Stone Metal Awards Pre-Party (Guwahati)

Eyes of the Martyr – They are a Progressive Metal band from Delhi, India with varied influences that come together to create a unique sound. They have achieved many awards and have managed to get themselves recognised by the Indian Metal Scene in just a span of 2 years of time.

The Cosmic Truth – They are a 5 piece band from Delhi, India. This band needs no introduction. They were offered to play and open for the metal giants Insomnium in Dubai just a few months back. They have headlined some of the big name colleges in Delhi and have been back to back winners at national competitions around North India!

Dreamscapade – They are a five piece progressive metal outfit hailing from Delhi. They have released a single and is working on their debut EP at this junction. Their sound is a progressive elemental blend of old school metal elements with modern day progressive and classical time signature stacked into total madness and self-creation. “Grooves with Hipster Moves” – They say.

This is THE show which everyone are eagerly waiting to attend.


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