Designer from Assam, Sanjukta Dutta makes waves on Indian fashion scene

Designer from Assam, Sanjukta Dutta makes waves on Indian fashion scene

Not many would quit a comfortable government job in order to pursue one’s passion but Sanjukta Dutta, a designer from Assam who is making waves across the fashion industry did just that. She recently showed her collection at the India Beach Fashion Week which was held in Goa. She will also be showcasing her collection at the glamorous Lakme Fashion Week which will take place sometime in August. She will be the first Assamese designer to do so.

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Zarine Khan wearing Sanjukta’s showstopper at the India Beach Fashion Week

Sanjukta is known for her fashionable and exquisite range of completely customized and hand-crafted Assamese Mekhla Chador, with different varieties of coloured silk threads. She will be showing her new collection of Mekhla Chadors which she is currently working on at the LFW 2016. The theme colours she has selected is muga and white which is of stark contrast to her usual colourful collections.

She started her brand in 2012 and it has been steadily gaining popularity. At the recent India Beach Fashion Week, Bollywood star Zarine Khan wore the showstopper of her collection. She also designed a special Muga Angavastram for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Will and Kate when they recently visited Assam. Sanjukta hopes to highlight the textiles and handlooms of Assam and give recognition to the immense wealth the state has to offer in terms of textiles.

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