Delhi Cop clarifies on racial profiling

Delhi Cop clarifies on racial profiling

NEW DELHI: A Delhi police officer has ruled out racial profiling of personnel from the Northeast, saying a probe that followed comments by two JNU students didn’t reveal any complaints of discrimination.

Taj Hasan, special commissioner (crime) and chief spokesperson, said personnel from the Northeast posted with the special cell at Lodi Road police station were asked if they had faced any discrimination. “All of them are from Nagaland and they did not complain of discrimination.”

JNU students Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, who had been arrested on the charge of sedition, had recounted their experience in the special cell lock-up after getting bail. “He called them (the Nagaland police guards) ‘Chinkis’ and said they don’t understand Hindi and they eat humans…,” Khalid had said, recalling how a policeman had apparently referred to his colleagues from the Northeast.

Hasan said the force has been taking “extra care” to deal with personnel from the region.



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