Dear Girls!

Dear Girls!

He knows you’re crying,

He knows you’re not sleeping,

He knows you’re starving,

He knows you’re dying,

But sweetheart, he does not care.

Listen to what I’m going to share,

He knows that you’re going through hell,

But again, I must tell,

he does not care,

I know it doesn’t seem fair.

It’s okay for you to fall,

But you must stand tall.

It’s okay for you to cry,

But please try,

Don’t drown in your own tears,

Don’t frown for years,

Don’t live with anticipations,

Don’t keep expectations.

Keep your phone away,

He isn’t gonna message you— not on any day,

Now please don’t unblock him from Facebook,

What? You’re spying now?

Just read a good book.

Enough of the begging,

Enough of the pleading,

He is not returning.

Now don’t you dare slit your arm,

Will it do him good— this harm?

Ask yourself this question,

It will create the worst impression,

Some sort of obsession.

Don’t drink your pain away,

It never works anyway,

It will ruin your health,

Rob all your wealth.

If you hear him tell lies,

Be wise,

You don’t need to clarify,

You don’t have to deny,

Please don’t shed tears,

The truth someday appears.

You might wait for him to regret,

What I’ll tell you, don’t fret!

This isn’t a movie,

He isn’t gonna fall on one knee,

Beg and plead for mercy,

Probability for this is low,

You should know.

His conscience will prick him some day,

But please don’t wait, this isn’t the way.

Go on,

Carry on,

Walk ahead,

I bet, you’ll never regret.

Determination is the key,

Don’t just flee.

Will power is the antidote,

You gotta end this episode,

Of emotional trauma,

Endless drama.

You’re an emotional wreck,

But what the heck?

Don’t see flaws in yourself,

Don’t blame yourself— for the hurt, the pain,

You’re not to be blamed,

Don’t play the blame game.

Forgive yourself,

Don’t pile your feelings on a shelf,

Let go and take a deep breath,

Don’t think about death,

It isn’t over yet.

Fight over your feelings with pride,

Fight with might.

Your feelings— don’t trap,

Wait for the wound to scab.

Give time a chance,

Love, sing, dance.

God is the best healer,

Time is the best teacher,

It all gets better.

Believe in your prayers,

Let them be— the players,

Time will teach them best.

Live life,

Work hard— strive.

You’re a beauty,

You just don’t see.

Everything will be okay,

Trust me, I know what I say.

By Lapyndap Pdah

Lapyndap Pdah

Feature image courtesy: Johnny Nick’s Blog

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