Converting ordinary to extraordinary;meet Assam’s entrepreneur Arpit Agarwal!

Converting ordinary to extraordinary;meet Assam’s entrepreneur Arpit Agarwal!

From a perplexed child to a focussed and a dynamic personality, this passionate soul will propel you to get started with making your hobby to a full-fledged career. Arpit proved that believing and acknowledging one’s own forte is  the most essential thing to do.

His creation knows no boundary of excellence.

Arpit started his venture in the year 2012, his products are not only acclaimed Nationally but Internationally as well.

NEST by Arpit Agarwal is a brand of notebooks/ journals, lifestyle products etc. inspired by the symbols, culture and crafts of the picturesque and unexplored paradise of North-Eastern India which includes Eight states: each vividly different from one other. The brand’s effort is to capture and explore the immense rich heritage of north-east, its diverse wildlife, flora, fauna and its colorful people.

Here is Arpit Agarwal with TNT-The Northeast Today

TNT: Before we start talking about your profession, can you tell us something about yourself?

I am an independent design professional who likes travelling and sports.

TNT: How did the journey start?

Honestly the journey of NEST started out of boredom. Few scribbles, doodles, and then digital translation led to some interesting graphics inspired by northeast. Shared them with friends, they acknowledged it with suggestions and that’s how it all started.

TNT: What did you aspire to become when you were younger?

I never really had any aim in life when I was in school. Just wanted to go to the next class with good marks. During my high school studies in Delhi, a friend open my eyes to the idea of design as a career and with guidance from her I was able to go for it.

TNT: Has art and craft always been your passion? What does NEST implies?

When young, I was interested in drawing and painting, but it was more like a hobby. Gradually with design education, art and craft has become my passion. NEST literally stands for bird’s nest. It coincidentally becomes an acronym for North-East. The logo presents coming together of 8 states of north-east to form a bird’s nest. Each colour stripe in logo represents a state (no specific colour for a state) and the diversity of the region.

TNT: How did converting a passion to profession come to you?

I will give credit to my friend in high school. She was the one who inspired and motivated me to convert my art and craft skills into a profession.

TNT: How did the idea of portraying the culture and resources of North East into your products strike you?

A general belief exists that north-east is about terrorism, insurgencies and floods etc. People keep talking about its natural splendour, landscapes etc. and have an assumption that north-east is like a paradise on earth. But a small number of them actually visit this part of the world to witness it. So decided to create something that would help to change this notion. At NEST by Arpit Agarwal, our effort is to get inspired by various cultural symbols of NE, its diverse fauna, flora etc. and use the local resources wherever possible, and take NE to India and Rest of the World through our products.

TNT: How well are people responding to your products?

The response has been good. Though sales have been slow but whosoever have had our products have loved it.

TNT: Have you ever taken formal courses to enhance your talent?

Yes. I am professionally a trained designer. Went to National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

TNT: Are you single handedly managing your brand?
We have a team.

TNT: Where do you see your brand five years down the line?
We are about to complete 5 years and 5 years down the line we hope that we become one of the most recognized brands from the north-east and India may be.

-interviewed by Zaheera Ahmed for TNT- The Northeast Today



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