Congress worked secretly for Communists before 1947: Tripura CM

Congress worked secretly for Communists before 1947: Tripura CM

AGARTALA: Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar gave a major blow to contemporary Indian history during his speech at Agartala town hall on the 97th Foundation of CPI-M.

“Popularity of Communists were since pre-independence, but that time the national party was only considered as Congress and thus Communists leaders couldn’t come out openly.”

“But many Congress leaders secretly worked for Communists, although they showed themselves as Congress supporters before 1947. People understood that only non-violence can not bring freedom to them and so many secretly joined the Communist party”, said the CM.

However, Chief Minister’s comment raised controversy as till today CPI-M and Congress’ mutual relation has been a matter of discussion. Due to congress/ CPI-M’s secret honeymoon, a lion’s share part of Congress have joined Trinamool in Tripura. On the other hand, Congress leader Birjit Sinha declined to have any relation with CPI-M, neither they have any plan out of it.

In this condition, Manik Sarkar’s speech created controversy among the Congress supporters.  Sarkar, during his speech disagreed with Indian History and said, Indian history which is read in School, Colleges is not the actual history, rather it’s a manipulated history.

he further added, “the full credit for Sepoy mutiny goes to Communists, but Britishers have violated the history giving the full focus on the beef-meat bade cartridges, as they didn’t like Communists, although Britishers became afraid of Communists”.

Similarly, CM continued his stories challenging indian history and also mentioned, “Ye Azadi Jhuta Hai…(This Freedom is False)!”.

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