Climate change impact in NE India! Garo Hills experiences less chilly weather this winter

Climate change impact in NE India! Garo Hills experiences less chilly weather this winter

The global climate change impact seems to have an impact in Shillong and other parts of the regions as well and this is evident from the temperature that refused to go down below 5 degrees celsius in 2016.

Usually, during the December month, the temperature hovers around 10-12 degrees as the maximum and 1-2 degrees and sub zero as the minimum.

However, the trend as recorded by the MET office shows that the maximum stills float around 15 to 16 degrees during the day and plummet to around 5 –6 degrees celsius at night.

Tura is no different to this as the thermometer refuses to dip. While Tura has always been moderate through the year in terms of temperatures, this year’s winter has shown ominous signs for the future of the region most of the problems, which most feel, are generally being manmade.

“We have been crying against illegal tree felling as well as seeking a process to control jhumming. No one has taken things seriously and the results are now showing. We can expect worse things in the future if the current trends are not arrested,” said president of Centre for Environment Protection and Rural Development (CEPARD), an environment based NGO.

Warm clothes that were earlier taken out of the closet are yet to be fully utilized as people await chiller days, something that was common ever since. Rains just after Christmas day however brought some respite to people awaiting the winter chill. Things however returned to being normally hot immediately after.

“If this is the case of winter, we dread to think of what summer is going to be for the town and its surrounding areas. The other fear is that given the winter is so hot, water will become scarce quicker due to the heat,” said TR Sangma, a resident of the town.

Tura generally witnesses a crisis of water that begins towards the end of February and ending only after the advent of the monsoon.

An old timer from the town felt the current mercury levels were beyond anything he ever felt before.

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