Catholic Beard Balm. Yes, it exists!

Catholic Beard Balm. Yes, it exists!

Yes, a Catholic Beard Balm exists and is “what all bearded Catholic men have been waiting for… even if they didn’t know it!”

Tony Vasinda, a director of faith formation at a Catholic parish in Seattle, founded this product 2 years ago.  He ordered some of the fragrant, liturgical oil (oil that has been blessed and therefore, considered holy by Catholics) for his confirmation students.When he went to order essence of chrism, he only needed an ounce but the minimum amount he could order was enough to make three gallons.Around that same time, Vasinda was making beard balms for himself and his bearded friends, and he had an idea for what to do with his surplus.

“I thought hey, wouldn’t it be funny if I made some chrism-scented Catholic beard balm?” says Vasinda.

That’s how Catholic Beard Balm got its start. Vasinda, and his friend and fellow Catholic beard balm creator Michael Marchand, soon started selling their handmade, natural balms that they claim has a myriad of beardly benefits including conditioning, nourishing, softening, prevention of beard dandruff,prevention of unruly and stray beard hairs and promotion of a fuller appearance.


Made from an all-natural blend of almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter with blends of essential and aroma oils to create 5 signatures “holy” scents –


The rich aroma of balsam, rose, and 50+ other scents all mix together to remind you daily of your baptismal promises.


This blend is a subtle mix of sandalwood, amber, and vanilla to help you focus on making “scents” of scripture.


Our “unscented formula” smells very lightly of cocoa, nuts, and honey from the natural ingredients.

Holy Smoke

A combination of the aromas of Frankincense, Myrrh, and a touch of wood smoke to evoke the rich smells of incense. (and maybe The Three Wise Men?)


A homage to the great G.K. Chesterton (a Christian apologist). The result contains light notes of hopps and pipe tobacco.

The Catholic Beard Balm successfully sells online for $10 a tin!



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