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5 places in Arunachal Pradesh you should visit before you die

Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges, verdant valleys and swift rivers, making it one of the most compelling tourist destinations not only in the Northeast but also in India. One should make a point to visit this magical ...Read More

Escape into Cloud abode: Oscar winning music composer AR Rahman arrives in Shillong

SHILLONG, April 3: Taking a break from his hectic schedule and of course to escape the heat, Oscar Award winning Music Composer, AR Rahman  has chosen Meghalaya to spend his leisure time with his family.  His arrival has created lots of ...Read More

PHOTO OF THE DAY: When the heavens open, nature smiles

What could be more serene than this picture captured by renowned Photographer Andy Pariat. Location: Laitmawsiang, Ka Bri Ki Synrang. A picture speaks a thousand word -- hence there is no need for explanation. [caption id="attachment_79935" align="aligncenter" width="640"] PC: Andy Pariat[/caption] ...Read More

Last headhunters: Amazing images of the historic Naga warriors

The Konyaks are known for their fierce headhunting history, which continued until 1960. Found in large numbers in Nagaland, India, the former warriors are recognised by their facial tattoos and the animal skin, hair and horns which are ceremoniously draped ...Read More

Meghalaya: Visit Wah Rashi — A Haven of Waterfalls

A piece of the beautiful countryside deserves writing about. Shillong has been blessed with so much, within the town itself and of course, all along the outskirts. Add to the beauty of nature, the joy of making impromptu plans with friends ...Read More

Meghalaya: 5 facts to know about Jaintia Hills- The Land of the Twelve Chiefs

Jantia Hills, locally known as ‘Ri Jaintia’ or the ‘Land of the Jaintias’ is a magnificent hilly region located in the eastern part of Meghalaya. The land is lavishly gifted by nature with numerous cascading rivers, mighty waterfalls, undulating grass ...Read More

Meghalaya: Caving in the Abode of Clouds- A 25 year journey of cavers!

Meghalaya has one of the most beautiful landscapes and its hills and scenic beauty is very well known but the feature which makes it even more unique are the caves in the state which although are quite popular are still ...Read More

This is why you should never visit Nagaland

Trust us, there is nothing at all in Nagaland. You’d regret visiting this place. The list below are reasons why you should not visit the State. Nagaland? It’s absolutely impossible to get there. There is no airport or railway station, no ...Read More

A glimpse from the sky: This aerial video of Meghalaya will blow your mind away!

Meghalaya, a name that literally means "the abode of the clouds", conjures up images of the engineering marvel of the living root bridges, the quaint colonial-era capital Shillong, and Mawsynram, one of the wettest places on earth. Yet, all except ...Read More

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