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An adventurous biker, meet Arhunki Laloo from Shillong; A rider, modifier, explorer and much more …

"It's not about The Destination, It's about The Ride" Meet Arhunki Laloo an avid bike enthusiast from Shillong . Not only a passionate rider, but also a person who loves to modify bullet bikes .This man is busy exploring what most folks ...Read More

Does Skin colour bias corrodes a persons self esteem?

Since ancient times the colour "black" or something related to "dark colours" has always been considered unlucky. Black is associated with darkness, unhappiness, unsuccessful etc. People that have a dark complexion is always a victim of criticism and racism. They ...Read More

The “Mizo-Hebrew” Connect : How these “Mizo Jews” went on to embrace Judaism and Promise-land Israel!

In the recent wave of Jews migration to the promise land- Israel,  over 100  ‘Mizo Jews’ made their journey this week. The first batch of ‘Mizo Jews’ comprising six youths (boys and girls) from Mizoram migrated to Israel in 1989 and ...Read More

Tete-e-tete with Arpana from Assam, a young activist who featured in Forbes 30 list, 2017

There is a saying which goes like ''One act of kindness can make this world a better place" and one such young woman from Assam is a testimony to that act. She is but a common person with a common ...Read More

Manipur Elections 2017: Where BJP could come out strong but where it went wrong!

While Ibobi has been accused of corruption and nepotism, the valley which wielded 41 seats out of the 60 Member Assembly seat should be wary of BJP. Let's rewind a little. Ibobi came to power on the virtue of the ...Read More

Assam’s Bobby Sarma Barua is really making it big in the international film-making scenario!

In the year 2014, with the release of her first feature  "Adomya" , Bobby Sarma Barua earned the reputation of becoming a leading women filmmaker from Assam. The film won the Best fiction film Award (spiritual section) at the 13th ...Read More

Meghalaya, a living example of the so-called ‘Green Community’- But, for how long?

The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river - Ross Perot In the recent past, a great hype has been created about the concept of 'Sustainibility' ...Read More

Meet Assam’s Bhargav Choudhury, the winner of Al Bruno Memorial Country Guitar Scholarship in LA!

Meet Bhargav Choudhury, the winner of the prestigious Al Bruno Memorial Country Guitar Scholarship at Musicians Institute (Los Angeles). Bhargav prefers to toil himself in divergent genres like blues, metal, funk, etc. Being a big fan of progressive rock, he aspires to ...Read More

Meet Oinam Doren from Manipur; Jack of all trades, Connoisseur of film-making

oinam doren (director)
There is a saying “What you have, you lose; what you have not, you get; and where you cannot choose, the crown of life is set”. These lines fit perfectly in the life of a renowned filmmaker from Manipur -- ...Read More

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