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Assam- A filthy drain near a hospital reflects Guwahati’s pathetic health scenario?

Guwahati, one of the fastest developing cities in the Northeast Indian region has had a hoard of achievements to its credit. From becoming a part of the 1st state in the country to ratify the GST bill to housing a ...Read More

Meet Ronnie Lahiri, the face behind Andrea Tariang’s success!

SHILLONG: “Shillong taught me something very valuable – sense of respect and the importance of equality,” PINK producer, Ronnie Lahiri told TNT-The Northeast Today. Is it true that Andrea Tariang was identified by you for her role in PINK? Yes. ...Read More

Meghalaya: Torrential Hailstones make way for Bright Sunny day in Shillong!

Shillong, May 6, 2017: The weather of Meghalaya' capital town Shillong is often a topic of grat amusement for all with some even saying that Shillong makes one experience all the four seasons of a year in just a single ...Read More

Meghalaya women have freedom, they can marry many men — Really, says who???

SHILLONG, May 5: While there is ignorance which could be defined as a lack of knowledge or information, there is also sciolism which Surendra Veeru, the author of a most distasteful article, which portrays the women of Meghalaya in a deeply ...Read More

Are you ready for ‘Rise of the planet of COWS’ in Northeast India?

Shillong, April 17, 2017: Ever heard of the adage, “Serving Politics on your Platter”? No? Okay, that’s because I just made it up, but hey, I’ll tell you why. As BJP continues to conquer the nation with their Lotus in ...Read More

Meet Assam’s young woman entrepreneur, Megha Mordani, who started the “Guwahati Makeup Store”!

Guwahati, May 4: Today, women participation in entrepreneurship worldwide is about 10%. With more access to technical know-how and digital infrastructure, women are taking on to this sector as social leaders and change makers. One such personality is the founder ...Read More

Souper Bowl, Shillong’s own take on the Ramen Culture

Superbowl is perhaps the biggest sporting event in America and also home to some of the biggest musical acts during the halftime be it Beyonce, Janet Jackson or Prince. For many who are not familiar with the American sport Super ...Read More

Assam’s Rubul Banerjee is on a mission to restore the history through “Chalachal House” in Nagaon!

In this relatively small country everywhere bears the marks of our predecessors' efforts to sustain life and satisfy their needs. This eventually becomes the historic environment as part of our surroundings that displays the interaction between people and places through ...Read More

Wonder why Meghalaya’s first horror movie — ‘Dak Bangla’ was made? Fiction of Reality

SHILLONG, April 25 2017: The fear of the unknown, a cold blooded murder where innocence was trampled, where justice was far from being served, where family life was all but a disguise to cover up one’s transgressions – all put ...Read More

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