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Assam not ‘Awesome’ as Private bus drivers pose threat to Passengers’ lives every single day!

With the number of accidents pertaining to drunk driving increasing in Assam, there seems to be a big question mark towards a sense of social responsibility on the part of not only the owners of private carriers but also the ...Read More

On Tripura’s Tribal Politics and the Failed Coup in IPFT

In what could only be said ‘out of the blue’, a section of leaders of the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT) - arguably the state’s strongest tribal political party in recent years, tried to oust its founder president over ...Read More

Meet Femina Miss Tripura, Rinky Chakma who will represent Tripura in Fbb Femina Miss India 2017!

By Priyanka Deb Burman AGARTALA, March 25: Born of an Indian Army father, Rinky Chakma  dreamt big like her father.  Among four siblings, Rinky is the first from her family and perhaps from her community to prove her worth by ...Read More

Assam: New hope for Cancer stricken- Rs 22.48 crore grant to 3236 patients!

Guwahati, March 25: In a major financial relief to cancer patients in Assam, State Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had on March 25 announced that financial assistance ranging from Rs. 75,000 to 2 lakh will be given to 3,495 cancer patients ...Read More

Meghalaya: 5 facts to know about Jaintia Hills- The Land of the Twelve Chiefs

Jantia Hills, locally known as ‘Ri Jaintia’ or the ‘Land of the Jaintias’ is a magnificent hilly region located in the eastern part of Meghalaya. The land is lavishly gifted by nature with numerous cascading rivers, mighty waterfalls, undulating grass ...Read More

Assam: Ignored plight of transgenders: 5 ways that would help them live better in Assam!

Guwahati, March 24: They are seen begging in trains, railway stations and are often ridiculed and termed abnormal. But when transgender from across Assam led by their leaders from different parts of the country hit the streets recently in February, ...Read More

Assam: How safe are eateries in Silchar without proper vigilance? An investigative analysis!

At a time when fast food joints and restaurants are rapidly burgeoning in Silchar town and a large percentage of the young population eats out or picks up food on the go, the safety of food quality remains a crucial ...Read More

Meghalaya: Caving in the Abode of Clouds- A 25 year journey of cavers!

Meghalaya has one of the most beautiful landscapes and its hills and scenic beauty is very well known but the feature which makes it even more unique are the caves in the state which although are quite popular are still ...Read More

Meet Sidhanth Majumder from Assam, an upcoming writer and author of ‘Glory At Dawn’

With recent attacks on Europe and events changing on a faster note. Countries ramp up their military state of readiness but some forget the men and women who serve on the frontlines away from home. One such book 'Glory At ...Read More

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