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CBI visit to Tripura: Is Manik Sarkar, the next Mamata Banerjee in the making?

It was two years back when CBI started investigation into Tripura's NBFCs or chit funds as it is better known to people. There were some arrests, a couple of raids. But then it all went silent. After two years of silence, ...Read More

Serial rapist who allegedly raped 500 children arrested; claims girls begging for help “encouraged” him

The massive manhunt launched by the Delhi police finally came to an end after three years following the arrest of Sunil Rastogi. This alleged serial rapist was put under sustained surveillance, search through databases of criminals, door-to-door search and analysis ...Read More

Tripura’s Security Paranoia, Police Modernization and Bullet Proof Vehicles: What Did We Miss?

Amidst stories that are pouring in the media for the last 48 hours regarding a sudden order from the Tripura Police for a significant consignment of bullet-proof cars for VIPs and VVIPs, we all have missed that the state’s cabinet ...Read More

Meet Moksh, an upcoming independent Rapper from Shillong!

mrinal 1
Northeast India has been home to many talented artists.  It has given some of the best singers, rock bands, dancers, instrumentalist, players and so on and so forth. In the recent years we have noticed many  independent artists have emerged ...Read More

To what extend has demonetisation curbed flesh trade in India?

child collage
Demonetisation is a prominent notion that has shook the nation for an effective cause India’s rupee recall appears to have had “a massive impact” on the country’s human trafficking industry, according to advocacy and rescue groups, with some reporting reductions ...Read More

From initiating Operation Kyllang to becoming a Rapist: The Irony of Julius Dorphang!

It is said that every militant or a terrorist is somebody's freedom fighter who fights for a cause which, at some point of time may be for the well being of a particular section of society. The same was the ...Read More

Meet Rida and the Musical Folks from Shillong, winners of the ‘Sparrow Award 2016’

Rida and the Musical Folks is a music group from Meghalaya who won the Sparrow Award by Wipro in 2016. The very unique group consists with members who retain their own individuality. The group was formed in 2011 and is ...Read More

Sikkim: Orchid Music Gala, a two-day music festival for Mental Health Awareness!

As the year 2017, grips up the tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim with the chilly winter, and snowfalls, and to warm up the souls, the event management firm the ‘Lazy Bee Events’ in association with Cafe Infinity gears up for ...Read More

Northeast Indians voice for safety amidst Mass molestation, Rape and Eve teasing!

While we waited with great excitement and renewed hopes for the New Year, 2017 began on a very bad note, not only for Bengaluru due to the mass molestation cases but also for Northeast Indian states. The recent cases of ...Read More

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