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Meet Nagaland’s Hopong who is mimicking his way through social media!

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With Social media being a catapult for popularity, it is to no exception to include Hopong Chingshong Phom aka Hopong Naga which is his facebook name who hails from a small village in Yongphang, Longleng, Nagaland and later moved to ...Read More

Assam: Saving Earth, securing lives, “Shout Out To Green World!”

Assam, March 29: The Mass Communication students of Assam Don Bosco University are organising an ongoing E-event “Shout Out To Green World” celebrating World Earth Day that began on 7th of March 2017 and will be concluded on the 22nd ...Read More

Meghalaya: Shillong lady makes it to the finals of Mrs. India 2017 Queen of substance!

Shillong, March 29, 2017: Northeast India has yet another feather in its hat of achievements as Shillong lady Rashmi Uppal has made it to the finals of Mrs. India 2017 Queen of Substance. However, Rashmi Uppal who originally hails from ...Read More

Meet former Mrs India World Iris Maju, teaching world’s oldest martial arts and her experience in NE!

is a woman who today needs little introduction. In her own words, she is a "Fashion Blogger,Fitness Enthusiast, Writer, " Mrs India World 2015, who has represented India in Mrs World 2015. She has been living in Meghalaya for the ...Read More

Do you believe in the super-natural? Read how Margaret Lyngdoh decodes the mystery behind ‘Khasi Demonology’  

“The greatest question of all is whether our experience on this planet is 'it' or whether there is something else. Things in the supernatural realm give support, strangely perhaps, to the things we take on faith” – Art Bell, an ...Read More

Manipur: ‘No Pony, No Polo’- Saving Manipuri ponies, hailing ‘Women Power’!

Imphal, March 28: Polo, generally termed as the ‘Sport of Kings’ is now, not just the privilege of the rich or the luxurious but finds its players from all sections of society. Although Persia or modern day Iran is considered ...Read More

Meghalaya: From Overcoming Alcoholism to appreciating life, journey of an alcoholic turned sober woman!

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Shillong, March, 28 2017: Alcoholism is the most severe form of problem drinking. Alcoholism involves all the symptoms of alcohol abuse, but it also involves another element: physical dependence on alcohol. If you rely on alcohol to function or feel physically ...Read More

Assam: Transgender Activist moves Gauhati HC; says state has neglected, ignored them!

GUWAHATI, March 28: The plight of transgenders in every sphere of Indian society has been a deplorable one. Though transgenders have occupied an important role in Indian history, in the modern era, this community is having a tough time fighting ...Read More

What’s at stake for Northeast India in the Tibetan crises — By Halley Nongmaithem

Comparing Northeast India with Tibet is only apt and appropriate vis-à-vis their place in the Indian union and People’s Republic of China (PRC) respectively. Tibet had a kingdom which supposedly had a rich history but so did the Manipuris, Ahoms ...Read More

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