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DID YOU KNOW- People in this part of Northeast India dine in Myanmar and sleep in India!

That there prevails a village called the lungwa which falls under the Mon district in the northwestern part of Nagaland,  at the Indo Myanmar border.  The natives or the konyak tribes are the best example of dual allegiance. The international ...Read More

DID YOU KNOW- This place in Northeast India is home to the 1st Community Radio!

Northeast India’s  first community radio “Jnan Taranga” literally meaning ‘knowledge waves’, began broadcasting from 20th November, 2010.The concept of community radios have been gaining ground all across. The basic idea of it remains that the programming should be based depending ...Read More

Northeast Indians envision a better and safer NE this 2017!

As the New Year sets in, hopes and aspirations run high as people look forward to a better and prosperous start. That has always been the top resolutions in everybody minds. Similarly, the health and growth of the region also ...Read More

These Northeast Indian contestants have won hearts even before winning Indian Idol 9!

Northeast India has been emerging as the hub of new talents, encouraging and entertaining people worldwide. There have been many  talents who have made us proud but the recent case which grabbed our attention are the singers from Northeast who ...Read More

Alcohol consumption among Northeast Indian Women: A 1st hand perspective!

Sikkim being one of the states in Northeast India has topped the chart on the highest female drinkers, well now that wouldn’t be a moment of disguise as alcohol consumption is not considered a social taboo in the state and ...Read More

TNT-The Northeast Today presents TNT person of the year 2016!

2016 has been a year of great achievements for Northeast India be it in the field of politics, fashion, entertainment, sports, entrepreneurship and even in terms of wider social and economic impact. People from across the 8 states of Northeast ...Read More

Woman dies and few injured as quake hits northeast India

Agartala/Guwahati/Shillong, Jan 3: A woman was killed and some others were injured in Tripura when a 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit India's northeastern region and Bangladesh on Tuesday. There was no report of any major damage from other states, officials said. Kamalini Kanda, ...Read More

Northeast greets its first earthquake of 5.7 on the richter scale for 2017!

Northeast India greeted its first earth tremors on January 3, 2017 at around 2: 39 pm when an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the richter Scale was gradually followed by a jerky movement that lasted only a few seconds. The tremor with a depth of ...Read More

1 Person, 2 Voices: Meet Jeli Kayi, a unique contestant from Northeast India on Indian Idol 9!

From a small village of Liromoba under West- Siang District, Aalo to the national capital Delhi and now at Mumbai, a 26 years old Jeli Keyi is making it big and consequently everyone around proud. As the promo videos of ...Read More

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