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Tracing the tragedy- How the last king of Myanmar had to live a life of anonymity in an Indian village!

myanmar king
Royal families world over have stood out to have been at the core of inherent public fascination with intrinsic interest values. The emblematic value of the Royal Family represents profoundly on the history and heritage of the state in question. ...Read More

Here Mothers are taking their “War on Drugs” in country’s leading opium producer state!

Tucked away in the far northeast corner, Arunachal Pradesh had emerged on the top among the illegal opium poppy producers in the country. It had caused the ringing alarm bells among security agencies given its proximity with Myanmar and other ...Read More

VIDEO: This artist from Siliguri is creating waves with his latest single ‘Twisted Turns’

Xenon Phoenix is an Independent Alternative/Hip-Hop artist from Siliguri, India has been releasing stuff since 2014 recently worked with a well known Polish producer named Forxst and released latest single 'Twisted Turns'. About the song: "Twisted Turns' is related to Xenon's past experiences from ...Read More

“I feel like I am trapped”- The sorry state of being an LGBT in Northeast India!

The Delhi High Court on 02 July, 2009 ruled that gay sex was not a crime, a verdict that bolstered demands by gay and health groups that the government scrapped a British colonial law which banned homosexual sex. It was ...Read More

An exclusive interview with Rishiraj Sen from Assam; one of the youngest author in India!

Meet Rishiraj Sen, who had his first book published in the year 2015 at a tender age of 15, this novelist created a benchmark for writing one the most adored book which is acknowledged at a National level. Words don't ...Read More

Manipur : As Political tussles refuse to die down, Centre plans to Airlift essential goods again!

Imphal : Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar on Sunday announced that the Centre will soon airlift fuel and cooking gas for the people who have been facing hard times under an economic blockade since November 1 last year. The ...Read More

Manipur : Indigenous sports which marked their global presence!

Manipuri mythology has it that Oolaobi was an outdoor game (similar to modern day Kabaddi) played mainly  by the Gods It is an outdoor game played mainly by females. In addition to these, Manipur has a rich history of  indigenous games ...Read More

Assam : World destination Majuli now aims to be India’s first carbon-neutral district !

Guwahati : Majuli aims to be India's first carbon-neutral district. It is the world's biggest river island and the first such in India to be declared a district. Now plans are afoot to declare it the country's first carbon-neutral district ...Read More

Earthquake rocks parts of Northeast India yet again!

A mild earthquake was felt in certain parts of Northeast India at around 9.30 am. The incident was reported from parts of Meghalaya as well as Assam. There has been a spurt in the frequency of earthquakes since last year ...Read More

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