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In conversation with Feli Hauhnar, the singing sensation from Mizoram!

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" Music is to the Soul,what words are to the Mind " A passionate singer-songwriter from Mizoram,this woman has broken barriers to start achieving her dreams. A single mother, a participant in The Stage2, meet Feli Hauhnar who believes in ...Read More

North East Students’ Union (NESO) demands deportation of illegal immigrants from the region!

Shillong, March 14:The North East Students' Union (NESO) on Tuesday demanded that Hindu and Muslim Bangladeshis who have illegally entered into Assam and other northeastern states must be deported. The demand of the apex students' body came after a group ...Read More

Here are 13 facts you wouldn’t want to miss about Assam Tea

Assam teas are grown in the lowlands, closer to the sea level. Tropical weather conditions prevailing here render the tea with a brisk flavor profile. The black teas produced in this region are renowned world over for their strong, bold, ...Read More

Frequency of tremors on the rise in Northeast India, Surge attributed to giant earthquakes that preceded them

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Should we be worried? Should we be prepared?  The northeast India, being in seismic zone V, has experienced increased frequency of earthquakes, especially since February 2017. As prediction goes, it can be assumed that since pressure is building up for too ...Read More

Here are 10 over-rating Cliches that Northeastern people are fed-up of hearing!

Northeast India is the eastern-most region of India. It comprises of the contiguous Seven Sister States (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura), and the Himalayan state of Sikkim. The Siliguri Corridor in West Bengal, with a width ...Read More

Meet Quantum Theory, one of the progressive bands from Sikkim

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Quantum Theory is one of the progressive bands of Sikkim. Although the band was recently formed, yet it is mesmerizing everyone with their great music and presence. Formed on March 1, 2016, with the band members Rinzing Gyatso Bhutia (23) ...Read More

Northeast India to come under the grip of BJP wave says Ram Madhav

  The entire northeastern region, like other parts of the country, is in the grip of a massive BJP wave, the party's National General Secretary Ram Madhav said here on Friday, adding the BJP will form the government in Manipur ...Read More

Maternity bill passed: Highlights of the maternity benefits and drawbacks!

A day after the world celebrated the International Women's Day, the Parliament on Thursday passed a bill that will benefit about 1.8 million women in India. The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was passed by the Lok Sabha, months after ...Read More

These paranormal stories from Northeast India will give you goosebumps!

Paranormal activities are not rare they have been existing since man got conscious. Paranormal activities are events or phenomenon’s that are not normal or that cannot be backed by any scientific explanation. Paranormal activity popular belief can include ghost, unidentified ...Read More

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