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Bhutan : A country in pursuit of happiness leads the way again with new concept ‘Green Schools’ !

It has been at the core of the Bhutanese government policy and development plans to place focus on the pursuit of happiness and well-being of its citizens. The collective and individual goal of happiness can be achieved by adopting a ...Read More

Assam :How centuries old practice of “Puppetry” is still kept alive in the state!

Puppets or “Kathputli” is an ancient and popular form of folk entertainment. Egyptians are probably the earliest known puppeteers. String Puppets of wood performing the action of kneading bread is the oldest evidence of puppets in Egypt as early as ...Read More

Triple Talaq in Islam: Why you should know about it and not fall prey to Religious manipulations!

Triple Talaq and its incognizant beliefs  With the growing perplexity on the issue of Triple talaq, it is in high urgency to divulge the thorough insight of the Triple Talaq system in Islam according to the Holy Quran. According to ...Read More

LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA : Untold stories of women to remain, “Censored”; time to move ahead from ‘ Ban Culture’?

When I first heard about the new project from the Prakash Jha Productions titled , " Lipstick Under My Burkha" , I knew this was something which is going to lead me to the multiplex. But now with the recent ...Read More

Sikkim becomes the 22nd state in India to associate with ‘UDAY’

The Government of India and the State of Sikkim have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under the Scheme Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY), for operational improvement of the State’s Power Distribution Department. With the signing of MoU, the total number ...Read More

How Sheetal Lama Rai became the only woman driver from NE in London and her roots back home!

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"Patience, Persistence and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success." This is the story of Sheetal Lama Rai of Dima Hasao. She is the only Red double decker bus driver female bus driver to represent the region. Her journey started ...Read More

Once upon a time in Sikkim: The untold saga of Sikkim’s tea garden!

Feel the bliss of silence, writes SOMEN SENGUPTA as he takes the route to Temi that passes through the hills enveloped under the cool and dark shadows of thick pine and oak The popular notion is that Sikkim has no ...Read More

Sikkim’s Norden Sherpa breaks stereotypes, re-defines artistic talent!

30 year old Norden Sherpa was a young student of traditional(thanka and other) arts, he didn't even dream that his paint brush would make him travel across the world. Now he is a painter who travels across the country and ...Read More

Women Journalists from Sikkim who are making the state proud through their relentless work!

At the current juncture, it is very apparent that the percentage of women in Indian Journalism is rising ranging from print through radio, television and the Internet. Women have been leading many in various news agencies and corporations. In Sikkim, ...Read More

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