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Tripura: Sumati Devi, the lady who immortalized herself through education!

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The state of Tripura has been showing instances of ‘religious tolerance’, ‘community harmony’ and ‘cultural affiliations’. As some religious leaders continue to make stray statements on religious and communal lines, the Tripura natives continue to come up with gestures of ...Read More

VIDEO: Watch this special song dedicated by Anu Mallik to Kiren Rijiju!


12,281 crimes in 2016: How safe is Northeast Frontier Railway!

GUWAHATI: A spike in the number of people violating the Railways Act, 1989, in the Northeast Frontier Railway(NFR) zone last year has caused considerable concern among officials of the Railway Protection Force (RPF). The authorities of the railway zone, however, ...Read More

DID YOU KNOW: Mizoram faces a unique problem of major rat infestation every 48 years!

Mizoram faces a unique problem of rats. At every 48 years a particular species of bamboo flowers after which the population of rats become tremendously high and this is referred as Rat Flood (Mautam or Bamboo Death).  This rat flood ...Read More

Mizoram: Relief for State, New notes valuing 132.5 crore reaches capital

Aizawl, Jan 7: New currency notes have already reached the state's capital with at least 80 crore in 2000 rupee notes and 45 crore in 500 rupee notes and the remaining in smaller denominations. This large consignment is the first ...Read More

Earthquake of 9.0 magnitude could be unleashed anytime from a major fault underneath Bangladesh!

A giant fault in the earth's crust covers by millions of tonnes of sediment in one of the world's most densely populated areas could kill tens of millions of people, scientists have claimed.  Researchers placed hundreds of highly accurate GPS ...Read More

DID YOU KNOW: The only place in Northeast India where shops do not have shopkeepers!

Vendor less shops!! a sign of mutual allegiance An extravagant phenomena to be heard for the first time ever, rather an example set as a proof for honesty and integrity. This shop is one of its kind in the northeast ...Read More

I-League: Injury-plagued and old compatriots; Bengaluru Vrs. Lajong! The first match

Shillong, Jan 6: Bengaluru are looking for a solid start in the I-League and hopes to come on top on their fourth I-League clash with Shillong Lajong. On the other hand, Lajong have rung in changes of their own, with three ...Read More

Going overboard with the National Anthem- – By Patricia Mukhim

On November 30, 2016 the Supreme Court of India said all cinema halls across the country should play the national anthem and that those present “must stand up in respect” to “instill a feeling within one a sense of committed ...Read More

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