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The 1st Mizo Writer to write an English novel, Malsawmi Jacob talks about horrors of Mizo insurgency and more

Mizo literature, originally written in Mizo ṭawng, the principal language of the Mizo people, has both written and oral traditions. It has undergone a considerable change in the 20th century. The language was developed mainly from the Lushai language, with significant ...Read More

Less we forget about the Nul-Ding Kût Festival of the Biates — ‘The Festival of Renewal of Life’

One of the prominent and remarkable festivals of Northeast India celebrated by the Biate community of Meghalaya and Assam, the Nul-Ding Kût (The Festival of Renewal of Life) is celebrated in the beginning of every year to mark the beginning ...Read More

Mizoram: Bru Repatriation, a little over 20 days from now!

Aizawl, Jan 10: With the beginning of a new year, Mizoram government is looking at finally completing it proposed repatriation project which was scheduled to be done last year. However, due to certain road blocks along the way in the form ...Read More

“Pornography is the Theory — Rape is the practice”. How true is this for Indian Men?

The recent spate of attacks on women in Bangalore along with the shocking molestation incident regarding MLA Julius Dorphang in Meghalaya had almost shook peoples' conscience.  In Julius’s case, it had seemed that his powerful connections and position as MLA ...Read More

Manipur Students ‘barred’ from entering the Taj Mahal, asked to prove they’re ‘Indians’

AGRA, Jan 10: What may be another case of racial discrimination against the people hailing from Northeast India, a group of students from Manipur were allegedly stopped from entering the Taj Mahal by CISF personnel deployed in the region over ...Read More

Bad news for Northeast Indian male Tobacco consumers as 6 types of cancer haunts them!

GUWAHATI: Males consuming chewable tobacco in the northeast are in serious risks of developing six types of cancer that are together categorised as upper aero digestive tract (UADT) as per a new study done by cancer experts from Dr B ...Read More

Assam Rifles accused of entering Haiti without cholera vaccination

India has been the largest troop contributor to United Nations missions since its inception. So far India has taken part in 43 Peacekeeping missions with a total contribution exceeding 180,000 troops and a significant number of police personnel having been ...Read More

The Duchess of Cambridge has turned 35. Lets have a look on what makes her so special!

kate feature
  Catherine Middleton turns 35 today who set a precedent by becoming the first person to have a humble background and be inducted into the Royal family. But with time the Duchess has not only won over the hearts of ...Read More

How prepared is Northeast India for going Digital? Lets take a look!

With the latest  developments around promoting Digital Infrastructure, there are serious questions on the rise.  In a recent case, The Cyber Crime Unit , Imphal West district, police today reportedly arrested a 24 year old youth under 509-IPC&66A IT Act’ ...Read More

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