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Do mobile towers really cause cancer? A question that still haunts many!

These days, frequent are the controversies due to “fake news” in diverse fields. Away from the limelight of these debates, a governmental campaign has been working to demolish misinformation and inadequate information in a vital area impacting Digital India, viz, ...Read More

Mizoram: Drugs worth Rs 12.38 crore set ablaze!

AIZAWL, MARCH 20 2017: Seized drugs worth Rs 12.38 crore was today set ablaze in Mizoram, an official said. The drugs were torched at the instance of Rev. Lalzuithanga, chairman of the Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC), conglomerate of 14 ...Read More

VIDEO: Battling all odds, Mizoram footballer Lalrinpuia Ralte’s journey to chase his dream will motivate you!

Here's the story of Lalrinpuia Ralte, from Mizoram. Lalrinpuia and his mother talk about he fell in love with the sport and what his selection for this prestigious programme means to them. Video Courtesy: U Sports

7 Bands you must know from Mizoram

The unexplored paradise on earth, the North East states, are not only blessed with natural, unique tradition, culturally attractive and rare wildlife. It is also a paradise in various style of music like traditional, metal, rock and pop. Instead of going ...Read More

Northeast India, a dumping ground for used Korean Clothes?

DECEMBER 6, 2016: Used garments dumped in India via ships from East Asian countries are most sought after in Northeast Indian states of Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram and others with the demand for these goods surging in at early October and ...Read More

Mizoram: Hydrocarbon deposits discovered in state

AIZAWL, March 17 - Mizoram Geology and Mineral Resources Minister H Rohluna told the State Assembly that ONGC has discovered hydrocarbon (gas) deposit at Meidum village in Kolasib district. Replying to a question from Lalruatkima of Mizo National Front (MNF), ...Read More

Mizoram: Drugs worth Rs. 2.5 crore destroyed in Aizawl

Mizoram, March 18: Instances of drug abuse in the state has been constantly on the rise and with no stringent rules to curb the menace, the state has become a vulnerable target for drug peddlers and crimes associated to drugs. ...Read More

My blood is Indian: A powerful letter by a Northeast woman on Racism

“Demanding me to lick his boots, he said, you deserve it only because you are a dirty tribal from the north east”. -Higio Gungte, Arunachal Pradesh. I am an Indian, an optimist Indian, albeit a critical one. Today, after 25 ...Read More

Is sport heading in the right direction in Northeast India?

The United Basketball Alliance concluded its 4th season with the Mumbai Challengers winning their first ever UBA title as they took on Bengaluru Beasts in the finals. There has been much said about the growth of sports in the country ...Read More

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