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This is why Meghalaya should be in your travel list!

Places covered in the film are: Mawlynnong, Mawlyngbna, Lawbah, Nowhet, Dawki, Shiliang Jashier, Lyngkhet, Shnogpdeng. Some specific spots that you can see in the video are: Umdikian Fall, Umkhakoi Lake, Hew Luri Laura, Weikyumei, Riatoslo, Living Root Bridge at Riwai, ...Read More

5 lesser known facts about Champion Sangma

This is a former deputy superintendent of police turned militant. This ex-policeman is now keeping the police forces on their toes. He is the co-founder of the militant outfit GNLA (Garo National Liberation Army) and the police are struggling to ...Read More

‘Ing Sad’: An iconic symbol of beauty and culture

SHILLONG: ‘Ka Ing Sad’, the name itself speaks of royalty, tradition and an age-old model of housing structure. Everyone knows that the ‘Ing Sad’ is a place of stay of the King in the olden days and the interesting thing ...Read More

Vacillation in the Inquiry into the Mookhep Firing Incident

The State government said that there was nothing confidential in the magisterial inquiry report into the Mookhep firing incident but are there loopholes within the system? #Two persons – Derestmon Siangshai and Setlang Phawa were killed, and seven others injured ...Read More

Raid Marngar observes age old harvest festival-‘Kasi Hangri’

SHILLONG: After a wait of five long years, traditional drum beats echoes resounding the coming of a festival hold dearly by the people of Raid Marngar, Ri Bhoi district. Unlike most of the festivals, the Marngars armed themselves with sharpened ...Read More

Red Bull Tour Bus Hometown Heroes Comes to Shillong and Guwahati

A two-part documentary series, Red Bull Tour Bus Hometown Heroes aims to take leading musicians, who have settled in cities other than those of their origin, back to their hometown, to relive the journeys that have brought them to the ...Read More

Democracy: Where ‘Conscience’ is trampled by delusion

SHILLONG: Why such discrimination? To follow a leader just because everyone is following didn’t seem like a good idea for Dlian Jana but is she entitled to half hearted support for backing out of the group. After a long struggle to ...Read More

Mukul’s dream of 31 over. HSPDP retains Nongstoin seat

SHILLONG: HSPDP retained the Nongstoin seat in the just declared by-election results. Following the untimely demise of HSPDP supremo Hopingstone Lyngdoh, elections were held and as predicted, HSPDP came out strong. READ MORE:New HSPDP prez stays mum on Khasi-Jaintia state ...Read More

 A Glimpse of Serene Atrocity III

Yet another serendipity to the metal freaks of the city to come together and enjoy some really adroit music from bands across the region is put forward by the Scotland of East- Shillong. R&T' Group in Collaboration with Toad Labs is ...Read More

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