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Online giant “Amazon” violates Indian tricolour ; sells it as doormat

    While Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization, it has done something to spur critical responses throughout. Amazon Canada was found to be selling Indian flag doormat which read in ...Read More

Northeast Indian security at risk as China aids NE insurgents in Myanmar!

Guwahati: Chinese intelligence agencies have been helping various insurgent groups of Northeast India having bases in Myanmar, and top anti-talk faction of ULFA (I) Paresh Barua has currently set up base in Ruili, a Chinese town in the Myanmar border. The ...Read More

Northeast Indians voice for safety amidst Mass molestation, Rape and Eve teasing!

While we waited with great excitement and renewed hopes for the New Year, 2017 began on a very bad note, not only for Bengaluru due to the mass molestation cases but also for Northeast Indian states. The recent cases of ...Read More

Assam: Get ready for the biggest E-Summit in Northeast India, UDGAM at IIT-Ghy!

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati will  organize the Ninth edition of UDGAM - The Annual Entrepreneurship Summit from January 27 to 29, 2017. UDGAM was conceptualized to develop and spread the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth of India ...Read More

Manipur’s weed is perhaps the finest in India,but the cultivators are worried lot these days

Manipur's Marijuana  has been considered as the best weed in the country. As stories keep on surfacing of smuggling contraband opium, there are reasons which make this state a favorable entity for such clandestine operations. Owing to its geographical compulsions, ...Read More

VIDEO- Watch these girls performing Manipuri Martial Art, ‘Thang Ta’ with ease and poise!

Video Courtesy: Manipur Book: Dance Music Ritual in Manipur

Manipur: CorCom militants identified as threatening local Editors

IMPHAL - In a major breakthrough, Manipur Police have identified the militant group that had been threatening local editors. On December 26, a hand grenade was left in the office of the Pandam News evening daily with a note saying ...Read More

Manipur: CorCom accuses Indian state for abduction and killing of village chief ,Church leader!

4 (1)
The Coordination Committee, a conglomerate of proscribed underground outfits accused the India’s hand behind the abduction and killing of village chief Otkhomang Mate and church leader Tilpao Haokip on January 6 at Nungkham Satam village. A release of the publicity ...Read More

Manipur: The IT hub of Northeast India!

Next Mega IT Hub at Visakhapatnam in 2015-2016 (2)
Imphal, Jan 10: The demand for the Information Technology or IT sector anticipates a general need for developing and great investment on the field and Manipur has come on top through multiple projects and schemes which has rightfully made it the ...Read More

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