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The “Mizo-Hebrew” Connect : How these “Mizo Jews” went on to embrace Judaism and Promise-land Israel!

In the recent wave of Jews migration to the promise land- Israel,  over 100  ‘Mizo Jews’ made their journey this week. The first batch of ‘Mizo Jews’ comprising six youths (boys and girls) from Mizoram migrated to Israel in 1989 and ...Read More

Tete-e-tete with Arpana from Assam, a young activist who featured in Forbes 30 list, 2017

There is a saying which goes like ''One act of kindness can make this world a better place" and one such young woman from Assam is a testimony to that act. She is but a common person with a common ...Read More

DID YOU KNOW that Mizoram is a ‘Bamboo Queen’ of India with the highest yield per hectare

It was in the year 2015 with the government of India realised the potential of Mizoram in the production of bamboo and assured of providing all the required support be helped to emerge as the 'bamboo state' of the country which ...Read More

Assam’s Bobby Sarma Barua is really making it big in the international film-making scenario!

In the year 2014, with the release of her first feature  "Adomya" , Bobby Sarma Barua earned the reputation of becoming a leading women filmmaker from Assam. The film won the Best fiction film Award (spiritual section) at the 13th ...Read More

Meet Dinchengfa Borua, the Assistant Commissioner who won on Merit not Reservation!

Nagaon :When Dinchengfa Borua, 26, sat for the Assam Public Service Commission exam in 2013, she was least prepared for it. A post graduate from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Kolkata, she had quit her job as a ...Read More

Assam : Girls face “Lipstick Ban” in college, which era are we heading to?

Morigaon : The girls were shocked when a notice banning the use of lipstick was issued  at Ghana Kanta Barua (GKB) College in Assam's Morigaon .Issued under the name of the students' union, the notice evoked sharp reactions.  The union, ...Read More

Arunachal Pradesh: Backlash of Kalikho Pul’s suicide note

Legal Guild of India’s backlash investigation to Arunachal EX-CM’s suicide note The legal guild of India on Wednesday demanded a central probe agency to investigate allegations of four eminent law officials who were accused of taking bribes from Arunachal Pradesh ...Read More

Meet Oinam Doren from Manipur; Jack of all trades, Connoisseur of film-making

oinam doren (director)
There is a saying “What you have, you lose; what you have not, you get; and where you cannot choose, the crown of life is set”. These lines fit perfectly in the life of a renowned filmmaker from Manipur -- ...Read More

Trump led US government to review Northeast India’s safety aspects and re-comment it as ‘Tourists’ Destinations’

The Donald Trump administration may soon pave changes in the way the US government views Assam from a tourist's  lens. Since April, 2015, the US government has put Assam and the other Northeastern states as an area disturbed by frequent incidents of ...Read More

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