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Plague Throat’s sudden long hiatus decision disappoints fans worldwide

Plague Throat formed in 2006 was a death metal band that had showed a lot of potential, a repertoire of aggression and if there was a single entity that could fathom extremity into one singular molecule, it was them. No, ...Read More

Meghalaya: To mine or not to mine- Uranium

The attitude of the current Meghalaya state government in ‘daring’ the UCIL to  mine  at  their  own  risk  is flabbergasting in response to the tender notice  related  to  the  expression  of  interest  (EOI) issued by Uranium Corporation  of  India Limited (UCIL) on the ...Read More

Does India deserve Dipa Karmakar and other Olympians?

Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik, Lalita Babar and PV Sindhu are names that will linger on to every Indian’s mind for many years to come. With these three ladies now becoming an embodiment of women empowerment and success despite all odds, ...Read More

4 years after Nirbhaya, Delhi rapes triple, police reforms fail

NEW DELHI: Four years after the December 16, 2012, gang-rape of a physiotherapy student that India knows as Nirbhaya, the administrative overhaul promised is fading, according to our investigation of the reform process that was to make women in India's ...Read More

Irom Sharmila,abandoned by her own – Patricia Mukhim

When Irom Sharmila decided to go a fast to protest against the oppressive Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) in November 5, 2000, she did so voluntarily. Her fast became a universal symbol of a non-violent protest by an individual ...Read More

Children in rural Northeast much more mature than their counterparts

“I can do whatever you grown-ups can!” shrieks the little one... Don’t you often see that in the rural societies of North-East India? Indeed, a heart-warming scene, if you’re asking me about it. It is apparent that children consider themselves ...Read More

August Rush: The Art festival everyone in the Northeast must go to!

Nagaland, a hill State in Northeast India bordering Myanmar is known for its diverse indigenous tribes with different cultures and traditions. The state will yet again enthral its people with a one day art festival called August Rush on Independence ...Read More

Why has rape and murder of women in matrilineal Meghalaya spiked up?

Meghalaya is romanticised as a paradise for women; a land where women rule the roost simply because the youngest daughter inherits ancestral property from her parents. Meghalaya is portrayed by bright eyed rookie journalists as the last Shangrila where women ...Read More

Micropoetry and Instapoets: The new form of poetry writing

(By Mebanaibor Nengnong)|   Poetry as we know is the melody that comes from the depths of emotion[s], the rational and irrational thought perceived within oneself. It is a serenity of words in its pristine nature and poets explain the ...Read More

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