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Will Northeast India accept the trend of Eco-sexuality?

People, in their own ways have different manners of justifying their deeds and actions, however sane or insane they may look like. There was a time when there was need to create awareness about the third gender, a person who ...Read More

Are we ready to face extinction?

A signifying question of our generation, are we ready to face extinction? A few months back, social media and news agencies are flooded with messages which saw the great Barrier Reef being pronounced dead. Before we start pointing fingers, we ...Read More

The biased sports scenario in Meghalaya!

Sports in India is still lacking in many ways. Although we are a cricket loving nation, there are a number of sports which have been widely ignored not just by government but also by the media. Dipa Karmakar who has ...Read More

On being an Indian Gorkhali or a Nepali in Northeast India- the identity crisis continues!

Often as I walk down the memory lanes to recall the advent of Nepalese in India, it irks me to know how I am still referred to as being a Nepali from Nepal rather than being a Nepali speaking Gorkha ...Read More

Meghalaya: The acidic and dying rivers of Jaintia Hills – The Myntdu and the Lukha rivers

It is very appalling that the change in colour of the Myntdu and Lukha rivers in Jaintia Hills has not raised any radical reactions from the local, state and central governments or from the local NGOs, academia etc. The Central ...Read More

Four by-elections of 7th Left Front : Subversion and betrayal undermining opposition

Tripura under the ruling 7th left front government is all set to face twin by-polls to Barjala (SC) constituency in Sadar subdivision , north of Agartala, and Khowai assembly constituency in the namesake district and subdivision. As is well known, ...Read More

Manipur: NSCN (IM) attack on Ibobi Singh will suit the Chief Minister while embarrassing the Centre

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh
The attack on Ibobi Singh the Manipur Chief Minister by alleged NSCN(IM) militants on route to Ukhrul where two Manipur Rifle jawans were injured is a growing testimony of the divide within the state. Many opponents of Ibobi Singh will ...Read More

Improvised explosive device: The game changer in Garo Hills

Operation Hillstorm 3 which is still currently underway and the Meghalaya police are taking full responsibility into going deeper into the cell network to dismantle both the bomb and the bombmaker. The question remains, would this move by the Meghalaya ...Read More

Being a Northeasterner (1 of 12)

To be honest, I am not particularly fond of the word "northeasterner". I prefer to identify myself as a Naga. It is upsetting that we get clumped together as a chunk called the NorthEast when there is so much diversity ...Read More

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