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Tourism in Northeast India: A sheer case of misplaced priorities

On September 27 every year, nations and states all over the world celebrate World Tourism Day in order to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and ...Read More

Why choose a glass of wine over internet?

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We'd often say that, wouldn't we? If we were in the scenario? Like hell, you wouldn't! We have to admit that the Internet has made life a lot easier for us, by making information easily accessible, and creating connections around ...Read More

Is the ‘English language’ posing a threat to the local languages of Meghalaya?

SHILLONG: They say a language defines the identity of a person and the community one belongs to. Ironically, in Meghalaya, the mother tongue of one of the three main tribes—The Khasi is slowing diluting and the credit goes to the ...Read More

Meghalaya: So much to eat but none to feed- the fate of stray dogs

Stray dogs are seen by many as a menace, those who scavenge places, roam around and often bite people when provoked. Many have become programmed to think that way, to consider them as a menace, to abstain from feeding them, ...Read More

Assam: Extinguishing regionalist sentiments- an analysis of regional politics in state

-Bijoy Ghimire India had a highly centralized federation during Nehru Era. The congress party remained a centralized party formulating all India policies. Intra-party democracy in the political parties was not looked upon with favour and dissidence suppressed with heavy hands. ...Read More

When rivers of blood flow to show how human we have become!

Smuggling of cattle from India to Bangladesh through porous borders may be illegal but slaughtering the same animals on the behest of religion to the extent of wasting their blood on to the streets where the streets turn red due ...Read More

Meghalaya: Urban congestion -Where is Shillong heading?

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SHILLONG: Growth! Meghalaya for sure has witnessed growth in many spheres. But the question remains--What kind of growth is Meghalaya experiencing? Well, the answer is blowing in the wind. The type of growth that Meghalaya is experiencing is somewhat debatable. ...Read More

At Rs. 15 crore, Assam tourism comes up with an unattractive logo and a not so awesome ‘Awesome Assam’ song!

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Assam's tourism minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday launched the state's new tourism logo with a promise to boost the tourism sector of the state to new heights. With much pomp and show, the tourism logo depicting the state as ...Read More

AFSPA: who actually wants it?

By Patricia Mukhim The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (1958) is closely linked to Irom Sharmila’s fast. There are fears that the issue would get deflected now that Sharmila has decided to call off her fast and launch herself into ...Read More

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